Thursday, November 27, 2008

I really should...

Be doing this:

But instead I'm doing this:

Yes. It's called procrastinationville and I'm the queen. Here is my crown

Ok enough slacking, off I go!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ciao lovelies

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I've been hit...

With a nasty bug.

I started feeling funny on Sunday after dinner but just thought something wasn't agreeing with me.

Then on Sunday night I woke up just before 3 a.m. and I thought for sure I had been transported to a very hot beach in Hawaii. My body was on fire. The only problem with that was my skin, Denis and our room were all freezing - it was only 17 degrees!!!

So yeah. I couldn't fall back to sleep but I was too out of it to get up either so I just stayed there for hours listening to D breathe. Needless to say I didn't go into work. I spent most of the day between bed and the couch. Last night D made me a cozy fire and I stretched out on the futon matress in front of the fire sipping tea and watching tv.

I'm home again today. Still feeling horrible. I had to scramble with my client advisor to try and regnegotiate a few deadlines. This is really bad timing because I'm headed to Toronto on Friday morning and off Monday as well. I MUST be better by then I have a big weekend planned.

This is what is on the agenda:

I plan to get an early start on Friday morning with a pit stop at Michaels to pick up one of these:

It's an excellent price PLUS there is a coupon for another 20% off and my other trimmer is making me CRAZY.

Next stop will likely be Yorkdale Mall. They have one of my very favourite stores there...Bath and Body Works. I love their product and I especially love their holiday collection. Now it remains to be seen if the prices are as good in Canada as they are in the states...

After some retail therapy Cawi and I will meet up with eachother and Chris for martini hour...

There is some place near Chris' house that has a martini happy hour...martini happy hour equals T R O U B L E.

After happy hour I believe the plan is to head back to Chris' place for our own Rockstar party. I managed to find what I was looking for this weekend for our little Rockstar accessory.
Saturday morning I'm quite sure we will be draggin our butts but we will need to get ourselves into the "big city" for our theatre day.

We will start with an afternoon matinee of Dirty Dancing:

Who knows...we may just have the time of our lives...

Next it'll be off to a quick supper (destination to be determined) and then on to our next show...

I HEART the Sound of Music. I've seen the movie more times than I can count and I even travelled to Austria and did the Sound of Music tour with Ally. The two of us had tears streaming down our faces on the bus as we drove through the Austrian countryside. I can't wait to see the stage production. I watched the show to choose Maria religiously on CBC a few months ago.

I believe post-show martinis are also on the menu followed by a night at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre. I'm thinking after our busy day and night this is going to feel pretty darn good..

A hearty Sunday morning brunch is on the menu and boy are we going to need it to tackle the One of a Kind Show in Toronoto. I have heard many good things about it for many years but I have never actually attended. I'm quite excited to be hitting it with Chris and Cawi.

Sunday evening we will head back to Newmarket and try to recover before I have to drive back to Ottawa on Monday. Can everyone please pray to the sick gods that I'm feeling better in time please!! I cannot put into words how much I am looking forward to this weekend. We always joke that I'm their "other sister" and the truth is I really feel like there other sister. Which feels so nice. And I have to say when we were together in July our weekend was truly a 10/10.

I just realized I didn't post anything about this past weekend. It was great but very busy as usual...
Friday we had a date night and saw two movies. The new James Bond (it was pretty good for Friday night entertainment) and Eagle Eye.

I absolutely LOVED Eagle Eye.

It was nice because both movies (although a bit more manly) were movies we could BOTH enjoy...

Saturday was mostly spent around the house just getting stuff done and mostly organizing my new Clip it up. Why oh why did I wait so long for one of these???

I could realistically use at least two of them but for now I just doubled up. I love how accessible everything is and how easy it all is to see...

I'm hoping it will save me lots of time (and money) in the long run.

Shoppers Drug Mart was having some sort of cash in your points deal on cosmetics so we made a quick stop to pick up a few new things...

I finally broke down and got this:

I have been eyeing it for a bit but refused to pick it up because of the outrageous price. After reading what's in it I now understand the of the first items listed is GOLD. That's right. There is GOLD in my makeup. Ha. I had to laugh at that one.

I also picked up something similar yet different to this...

And a little of this...

And finally one of these...(in "Snow")

So basically I have no excuse to not have a pretty "made up" face anymore!

We then made our way to Tanya and Keith's place for supper and a visit. We had such a fun relaxing time getting all caught up and playing with Kyle. He is seriously one of the absolute best babies I've ever been around and I've been around my share of babies! He's so smiley and adorable, I just love hanging with him.

Sunday D had to work and I was on a mission for a new winter jacket so I hit the stores. It was seriously the right day to shop because there were SO MANY great sales on.

And I just couldn't resist this scarf...

A cute cardigan with a little bling...

And this tunic...

I also picked up a few new bras and undies and a pair of pjs because I'm sleeping "in public" this weekend so I have to cover up! Oh and a few long sleeved t shirts and turtle neck sweaters from Old Navy. I'm telling you the sales were EVERWHERE!
I FINALLY managed to find a purse at Winners. My "dream team" gave me a gift cert for a new purse when I left the team but I haven't been able to find anything I like or the purses I love ended up being $300 and up! AT WINNERS! I saw a few that were at the $500 mark!

I can't find a picture of it online but basically it's black and it's a HUGE tote. I love it. I also treated myself to a sampler of Christmas body washes. So yum. So fun!
Last but not least I hit the grocery store and made my way home. D and I made a fire and brought down the futon matress to play some Wii and then watch the Grey Cup! It was a very good game that would have been MUCH better if the Bombers were playing...maybe next year!
So there you have it...two weekends in a nutshell.
I think I'm going to try and have a bit of a nap before D gets home. I MUST get into the office tomorrow or my coworkers may disown me...
ciao lovelies

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A beautiful love story...

On a sunny day at the beginning of August 2005, two beautiful souls were brought together. You may be thinking I'm referring to Denis and I...I'm not that concieted!

In the days leading up to our wedding, a little boy fell madly in love with a beautiful princess. It was definitely love at first sight. He fell truly, madly, deeply.

Over three years later and with thousands of miles seperating them, his love goes on.

I spoke with him this evening and Stef's name happened to come up. He said he had to whisper something to me so Baba (my mom) couldn't hear. He whispered "Stef's my first girlfriend." My heart melted. He then quickly followed with "Amber is my number two girlfriend." (We wouldn't want to leave Amber out!!!!)

This is definitely true love. He was only three years old when he met Stef and that was three years ago. He frequently speaks of marrying her. He has even decided they will open a glow-in-the-dark miniature golf course together. He says Stef's a smart cookie and she can be responsible for making the golf clubs!!!

When we spoke of Stef tonight I advised him she was now living in New York. He found that rather exciting and advised me there was a big Coke sign in New York (he found this out from the movie Enchanted). I suggested they migh want to consider reliving the scene from Enchanted in Central Park for their wedding.

He loved the idea.

Here is a sneak peak of what to expect...

So there you have it.

You are cordially invited to attend the most joyous wedding day of Hayden and Stef.

Just don't notify the authorities or when he learns to print he'll be sending his "wife" letters in prison...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One of those great days...

I just have to say I'm in the greatest mood right now. It's been such an awesome 24 hours and for no extraordinary reason. I love those kind of days...

Last night the peeps and I hit Supperworks again and boy oh boy did we take that place by storm. I think some of the patrons may find our fun a bit annoying but the staff LOVES us! One of them actually said "I hope I'm working the next time you come in" - someone who WANTS to work? We must REALLY be entertaining.

I think Katie should be the new poster child for Supperworks. Whenever I describe the joint to someone I always mention just how CLEAN it is. I hope Katie won't kill me for telling this story because it's too funny not to share...

We were all standing around doing our thing when all of a sudden some of Katie's meat goes flying and hits the floor. Without missing a beat she bent down and picked the meat up and threw it back into her bag. We errupted in laughter. It was classic. Even the girl working lost it!

Mama Jan (she's really Rach's mama but I like to pretend she's my surrogate Ottawa mama now) also joined us. She did something incredibly special for me. She rubbed my breasts. My chicken breasts. I tried. I got through the first 5 with only minor gagging and lots of screaming. Jan offered to take over...I HEART MAMA JAN FOR THAT!

What else am I happy about???

Christmas music. Lots and lots of cheesy Christmas music on the ipod at work. I discovered new tunes on there that I have NO IDEA where they came from. They are like dancy and cheezey and I was waiting for the Very Merry Disney Parade to come marching through my office or something!

My buddy Gi Gi from work took me out for Vietnamese (YUM) at lunch to celebrate my birthday. How fun is that?

I got to talk to both mom and dad tonight on the phone and we had a nice chat and some good laughs.

And last but certainly not least my hunka hunka burning love is HOME. I have missed him so much in just the three days he's been gone. I wasn't expecting him until much later tonight but he was already home by the time I got home from work. Sweetness. I think we've given eachother about a hundred hugs and kisses in the last two hours as we made supper. He's got a fire going so we're just vegging out and listening to the crackle...ahhhh goodness.

I saw this on Miss Vicki's blog today and thought it was pretty cute. Check it out for yourself...

The Recipe For Laurie

3 parts Charisma

2 parts Tease

1 part Delight

Splash of Craftiness

Finish off with an olive

Ok so I'm RATHER DISAPPOINTED. I just realized that every time you click on it it changes your personality! Darn!!! I liked the very first one I got the best and now I can't seem to get it back. BOOOOOOO

Well lovelies I must love you and leave you. Hunky hubby is waiting...

'night all

Monday, November 17, 2008

One great birthday weekend...

hello lovelies
I'm all snuggled in for the evening under a blanket with some warm tea. Boy...have I gotten old. A few years ago the only tea I'd be drinking on my birthday would be a long island iced tea...FOR BREAKFAST!
I have had yet another wonderful birthday. The festivities started on Friday night much to my surprise.
I had signed up for an all night crop at the store with Janet and Steph. Steph was our hostess with the mostess. I have to admit, I've lost my scrappin mojo. I have so little time and energy for it right now with everything else we've been up to and all the decorating that I find it hard to sit down and get down to work.
I got VERY LITTLE done!

I did have a great time though. Janet and Krista kept me laughing all night long. Krista was so flippin highly productive I wanted to start passing my stuff down to her to do!

Shortly after midnight the lights suddently went out and all the ladies around the table pulled out little plastic tiaras and noise makers. I was given a "queen" crown and a super duper fluffy pink cupcake cake made it's entrance while the girls sang happy birthday. It was such a great surprise and "me."

Speaking of surprises...
I knew Denis had something up his sleeve for my birthday because he asked for my friends' contact info. While we were chillin on Friday night Janet casually asked what we were up to for my birthday. I said "oh, that's right, I guess I'll see you at my party tomorrow night." Janet said "you know about it" and I replied "I didn't know FOR SURE but now I do!!!!!!"
He he, sneaky.

Then Steph made a comment to the effect of "so you know we're coming over to your place tomorrow." Once again I said "well I didn't but now I do!!!"

Ha ha. I had a good chuckle.

I didn't last quite as late as I thought I would and by 2 or so Janet and I were packing up and heading out.

I wasn't able to sleep when I got home so D and I ended up talking for about an hour or so. That just ROYALLY threw off my schedule. I suggested we might want to tidy up the house since we were having people over - I just can't let go!

Saturday morning my WONDERFUL man let me catch up on sleep while he straightened up. We got dressed and fed and made our way to the photography show for a few hours. I have to be honest, I wasn't as into it this year as last year. I think my pure exhaustion from lack of solid sleep had something to do with it too. I ended up taking a nap in the car while Denis attended the final workshop because I wanted to be on top of my "game" for the evening.

We made our way home and Mom Turpin, Tante Lise and Uncle Phil were already here. Shortly after others started arriving. Unfortunately most of my friends already had plans so we were an intimate but still GREAT crew. Stephanie and Stephane (big surprise he was supposed to be hunting) joined us!!!

It was a mellow night with drinks and finger foods, delicous chocolate cake, lots of laughs and some presents!

My D spoiled me rotten as usual and I finally have the much coveted SLICE BY MAKING MEMORIES!!!

We've already played with it a few times and can I just say I LOVE IT!!!

He also got me the Clip it up with a bunch of accessories - it's going to keep me organized!!!

Here are some pictures of the crew...
Me on Rockstar...notice the tiara - from Friday night

Blowing out the candles - it feels great to be 6!

i LOVE that the cake says Diva Loca - D is too cute...

Bryan (with a "y") he needs you to know that...

Bryan's girlfriend Kim - she's a keeper!

Uncle Phil




Tante Lise

Mom Turpin

Opening a big bag of scrappin treats from Steph squared...

Don't they look fascinated by all of the scrapbookin' gear??

Rockstar makes my crown go wonky...

Are they cute or what?

Doesn't he look thrilled about having his picture taken again!!!

Well I should get showered and make my way to bed. Once again D is hunting and I can't sleep beside my teddy bear beside me. I have to get into work early because I'm off to Supperworks with the girls again tomorrow night and this time we're bringing Rach's sweet mama Jan. I heart Jan...she's like the female version of my dad...

Night lovelies

Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes and for making this yet another memorable year. I look forward to many more memories...

'night lovelies

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Last few minutes as a 32 year old...

In exactly 30 minutes I will turn 33. Well, technically not until 4 p.m. tomorrow but close enough.

As I ponder my 32nd year I would have to say it had some of my highest highs and lowest lows. I managed to make it through smiling.

Let's hope for an even better year this year...

I had such a wonderful weekend and I will post about it in a day or two.

For now I need my beauty sleep...

'night lovelies

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photography contest results...

Just before leaving the office today we got our weekly e-mail from the Department. I was anxious to see if the photography contest results had been posted.

Sure enough there they were...

And I wasn't there.


I absolutely agree with the winners that were chosen - the six finalists' pictures were SPECTACULAR.

I did find that I'm pretty sure most of them did some post processing - I didn't touch mine at all. The colours in all of them were SO WOW.

I was so not in that league...and I'm ok with that because I can appreciate great photography.

We've been doing odd n' ends around here tonight so the pictures did not get taken.

I'm off to an all-night crop at the Scrapbox tomorrow night and then we have a Henry's Photography show all weekend...CAN'T WAIT!

That's it for me

'night lovelies...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Celebrating Vi...

Denis and I had the priveledge of attending a very special birthday party yesterday...a dear friend of ours was celebrating her 90th birthday.

Bill and Vi have been good friends of my grandparents for many years. When my grandfather first immigrated to Canada they "vouched" for him so he could get an apartment and eventually bring his young family over from Germany.

When I moved to Ottawa 10 years ago to attend school, Bill and Vi graciously allowed me to live with them until I could find my own apartment. When I got up each morning a full spread breakfast was waiting on the table for me and they just spoiled me rotten! I was treated like royalty and it made it very hard to leave!!!

With our busy lives we don't get to see them nearly enough but all of our time spent with them is precious.

D and I both decided to take our cameras with us and I'm so glad we did. Unfortunately my pictures turned out rather blurry (most of them) but Denis got some wonderful shots including a family portrait...

Here are some of our favourites...


Talking with one of Vi's bridge buddies

Bill spent the day getting kissed - rough day at the office!

Lotta (Vi's daughter) reading a letter to Vi from the Governor General


I love the pictures of them dancing - the youngest couple I know!

Hunky hubby

Vi dancing with her son Peter

And here are Denis'

Vi and her golf friends

Bill and I

Vi and her dance instructor

Bill way back when...

Vi way back when...

piano man...
Bill and Linda (daughter in law)

these were the centrepieces...I won one!

Gary and Bill (father and son)

father-daughter dance
Harasym family dancers
Vi and her son Peter
Bill and Vi

the four of us...

the whole gang!!! and everyone looks great!
Gary, Kathy and Bill

OK - I need to tell you - as I'm typing this, Denis has an industrial strength DeWalt spotlight on my foot - trying to find a very tiny piece of glass from a Christmas ball that I stepped's not pretty! It hurts and I think I can still feel it but it's so tiny we can't even see it...BOY DOES IT HURT!!!
I asked D if he'll do a photo shoot of our Christmas decorations tomorrow and he said yes! The house is DONE. I've even put some fun stuff on the dining room table. Feels great!!!
ok 'night lovelies...