Wednesday, July 8, 2009





Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jessica Sprague - Class 1

Hi lovelies.

Super fast post.

I'm doing the Jessica Sprague photo editing class this week and who knew her first lesson was exactly what i needed to learn to spruce up my NEW blog!


here is what i did with assignment one - is she a cutie or what????

Saturday, July 4, 2009

...been slackin'!

Hi lovelies

Mea culpa. I haven't been the best blogger of late I know. Life is much different here in the 'Peg than what we are used to in Ottawa. It's busy. Well busier I guess.

There always seems to be something going on.

It's Saturday night and I'm chillin' with my main man. Nope, not Denis. He went back to Ottawa last Monday :(. Fortunately we snuck away for a romantic weekend for two at a nice lodge in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

but I digress

Tonight I'm hangin' with the cutest of little boys - my nephew Hayden. We have been playing Wii and watching Pokeman and he's eaten enough peanut butter toast for a small army. He's been SO MUCH FUN today!

We went to Rylee's birthday party and watching Hannah Montana. "Poor" guy was surrounded by a bunch of little girls and ohhhhhhhh he loves the girls!!!

I'm actually working on a new blog on typepad so I've had less motivation to post on here. I should try to post more often in the meantime.

We are still waiting on some results for my dad. This limbo is tough. Some days we are totally optimistic and others it's not as easy to see the positive. Hopefully this week will give us more answers.

I've been wanting to do this fun little blog thing for a bit. I've seen it on a few different blogs...most recently on Dorrie's (OH HOW I MISS MY DORRIE LAURIE CATCHATORIE)...

here we go!

Outside my window...the sun is setting and the rain can't decide if it should fall...

I am has been so much fun chillin' with Hayden today and I hope Jodi comes over tonight.

I am thankful Denis...he makes this life so much better!

From the kitchen...peanut butter toast for Hayden (it's a miracle he hasn't turned into peanut butter) and leftover pizza for me with a diet grape crush!

I am wearing...COMFY CLOTHES! Yoga pants and a pink shirt.

I am creating...not much for myself lately. Did some creating with the kids on Canada Day - Rylee made pom pom creatures and I helped each of the kids decorate clipboards. SO FUN.

I am get Hayden ready for bed soon.

I am reading...Lauren Conrad's new book. I think it's written for about a Grade 3 or so reading level! Ha!

I am hoping...My dad gets good news about his health.

I am hearing... Hayden playing Raving Rabbids and laughing A LOT. no better sound than children's laughter (not sure why it is underlining)...

Around the house...mess mess and more mess. but the mess can wait. i've got a hot date with a 7 year old tonight!

One of my favorite new iPHONE. why the heck did i wait so long???? I heart it and i'm already SERIOUSLY addicted.

A few plans for the rest of the week: not too sure. Hopefully meeting up with Lesley and Eric at some point tomorrow...they are in from Ottawa. I'd like to see the movie Up and have asked Hayden to be my date! If it's nice there will for sure be some swimming in the mix!!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Hayden and I were having some fun with Photobooth earlier. You can sort of see my new haircut. I need a better picture of it. It's short. VERY SHORT. and It's blond. I love it! It's fun and sassy for the summer and much less upkeep!

Well lovelies, I better get back to my date. Although he's enjoying himself so much (keeps repeating "THIS IS AWESOME") that he may no longer need me. :)

'night lovelies