Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sending you back to Katie's blog...

So maybe I'll just quit writing this blog all together and send you over to Katie's blog everyday from now on!!! Not only does she have a super cute new blog layout, but she did another post that relates to "us" - more specifically C'est La Vie Studio & Design - our photography business.

I read the post and immediately started crying (tears of happiness) at knowing how just a photo shoot touched one family so much. NO A GOOD IDEA when you have just applied self-tanner to your face!

So if I'm walking around with white streaks down my orange face...BLAME KATIE!

In the meantime, check out her blog here!

'night lovelies,


Monday, April 27, 2009

Navcan (through Katie's creations)...

Hi lovelies

I'm pooped. I had a blast at Navcan with the girls and I'm just too exhausted tonight to even write about it. I need to take pictures of my creations. I will say I was in a pretty cool creative zone.

In the meantime, I'd like to send you straight to Katie's blog to see her creative genius. Two of her pages feature pictures with her sweet Kasey and I...man do I love those pages...and a few others feature pictures from the photo shoot.

Not only is Katie crazy creative, she's FAST. Don't be expecting that many pages from me :)

Have a great night lovelies,

Enjoy this weather!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scrapfest Recap and Navcan

Hi lovelies!

*before I forget the lovely teacher in my last blog whose name I couldn't remember is Tracey Paul! We are so rocking her class at the next Scrapfest - she made AMAZING clay embellishments...*

So I'm totally supposed to be packing for Navcan but I hate packing more than you can imagine so instead I'm procrastinating. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm mostly packed and I seem to have mastered the art in minimizing my scrapbooking supplies. It really is quite amazing. I can't be bothered lugging a ton of stuff around anymore.

And after Kathy's class last week I'm learning that you can have a page with a lot of punch and very little supplies. Yikes. If that's the case it'll take me roughly 27 years to use my stash. 

So I'm hitting the road tomorrow afternoon and setting the GPS to the NAVCAN conference centre in Cornwall. I'm spending the weekend with a great bunch of girls. I suspect there may be some crazy times on the horizon but there is a cute soldier or two to keep us (and by us I mean Rach) in line!

Let's all send healing vibes to Katie's little sweetie Kayleigh so Katie can enjoy her weekend and not have to worry about little girls with sore tummies...

I made this video last night while playing on my Mac. I'll warn you - some of the images may be disturbing to young children or mothers. Not all mothers. Specifically my mother. Sorry mom. Chris and Cawi made me do it. All of it...

I felt so emotional last night while making this video. It's incredible how much I miss my girls already. They are more than friends, they are sisters to me. They are also beautiful, wonderful women...

have a great weekend lovelies

see you on the flip side!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I love my girls...

Hi lovelies. I'm home from yet another A M A Z I N G weekend with Chris and Cawi. They seriously did not disappoint. We took Kitchener by storm... Scrapfest was equally A M A Z I N G.

I absolutely LOVED the photography and simple design classes given by Kathy Thompson. She is an incredible teacher and something about her teaching style TOTALLY clicked with me in a way I've never felt. She's also a darn sweet and fun person.

As usual Vicki's class was a blast. I loved seeing Mama Sheila again. We had many laughs and made some new memories.

I have to admit though four days is a long time to be away from my incredible man. He greeted me in the garage with a bunch of orange tulips...MY FAVE. It's so nice to be back in his arms...

I will be posting pics in the next day or two (hopefully). It's going to be yet another busy week because on Friday I'm off to Navcan for yet another scrapbooking weekend away.

I've missed you lovelies. It's great to be back in blog world. 'night

ETA - I saw some of Chris' pictures tonight on flickr and I couldn't resist uploading them. She caught some fantastic moments. I know I'm posting quite a few pictures of myself. I couldn't resist. I don't generally like pictures of myself but she caught something in me this weekend and I have to admit - I REALLY like these ones...Can you tell how happy I am when I'm around my girls? Even D found I was glowing when I got home!!!

This is hilarious - apparently Kathy and I were both rather perplexed!!!

My new fave pic of me. Chrissy you are ROCKING the photography girl :)
AND HOW COOL IS THIS SHOT - love the sky and tree...

My Cawi girl...No wait...THIS is my Cawi girl. Showing her true colours :)

Can I get any happier???

Miss Vicki

Another Cawi pic...she gives the best hugs. Seriously. I gave her this really big hug the other day when I needed energy and I LITERALLY felt the energy flowing into me. She said she was doing Reiki (but I didn't know it at the time)...

Sweet Sweet Mama Shiela...I heart her...I think she ROCKS the B O A
We survived another Vicki class...

Are these girls beauties or what???
Group shot with our fabulous teachers Vicki and Kathy and another Scrapfest teacher (name escapes me right now)...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrapfest weekend

Hello lovelies!

First things first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KASEY. She's the sweetness from the photoshoot below and she turned 1 today! YEAH KASEY.

There's more to celebrate...

I'm hitting the streets tomorrow after work and making my way to Kitchener for a girls' weekend with my Ukranian "sisters." I'm so excited that it really feels like Christmas Eve right now. We don't see eachother NEARLY enough.

We're spending a good chunk of the weekend at SCRAPFEST! This is my first time attending and I've heard great things so I'm super pumped.

We're taking a photography class and two scrapbooking classes. One of our classes is with Vicki. I'm so pumped to see Mama Sheila again. Yeah Mama!!!

Let's hope we all survive the weekend...

Well I'm off to bed so I can get an early start at work tomorrow and hit the road!

'night lovelies!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

it's a beautiful life...

Well, we've literally been at it all day long but i'm happy to report that the photos have been edited...there may be a few final tweaks left to do but we're happy to debut the Squires family photo shoot...

I sure hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it Katie...thanks again for being our "guinea pigs" - you've been one patient girl!!!

I have to say now that i've watched this youtube video i'm a bit disappointed in the quality of the pics...we spent all day editing and you can't even tell from the video...oh well - you get the idea :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Bunny works for Apple...

Hello lovelies!
Easter came early in our household this year...

The easter bunny brough me an Apple Macbook Pro!!!

My old laptop has been around the world a few times and is quickly going kaput! I get battery warnings and it's not powerful enough to be doing everything we need it to do for the photography business...

So, we bit the bullet and picked up matching Macbook Pros (yep, D got one too) and a 24" screen for me - perfect for photo editing!

Here are some pictures...I'm off to play with our new toys!!! Denis is patiently waiting for me to open my box.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

This is what my set up will look like (I also got the wireless keyboard and mouse)

The keyboard is backlit so I can even see the keys in the dark!

I'm FINALLY a Mac owner!!! Now I can ichat with Katie and Rach!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hair pieces...

I put these babies together quickly the afternoon of the Squires photo shoot. I thought they would look precious on the girls. They did. The only problem is I need to perfect my technique...hot glue isn't necessarily the best medium to use...

I do LOVE the way they turned out though...very cute!

I made this one with a yo yos of Rachael's...love her yo yos!

This one is actually a flower to decorate a flip flop. I just clipped it onto a giant elastic. love it!

That's all folks!
D and I are just sipping a nice Shiraz after supper. We made amazing red curry with lots of vegetables and shrimp for supper. I highly recommend it!
I feel like the weekend is already here. Tomorrow is going to be rough (especially since D just opened bottle number 2)...
Most of our weekend is going to be spent working on the business and editing pictures. We're headed to Perth on Saturday to visit Grandmaman and Uncle Gil. Hopefully by then their wedding album will be ready and we can give it to them...
That's all for tonight!
'night lovlies

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Girlz night turns into girlz weekend!!!

Wow wow wow! What a weekend. Is it REALLY Sunday night already??? Not only is it Sunday night but it's 11 p.m....Yikes!!!

It's been a very girls' weekend.

Friday Katie and I went to Rach's place for some girl time. Literally. Her poor hubs John was the only guy in the place!!! He made us some escargot and an amazing fajita/enchilada casserole. So yum. We had many beverages and many laughs. John (aka Juan) treated us VERY well - cooking for us and making sure our glasses were always full. Steph was able to pop in for a quick pit stop/desert after her class. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I didn't get a single snapshot from Friday. Maybe that's best...there were a few bottles of wine consumed.

I sooo didn't want to go to sleep. We were having such a great time. We had a good ole' fashioned sleepover...all passed out in the living room while watching Sex in the City!

I totally hit it off with Rach's girls Alexa and Angelina. Angelina and I were instant buds...so much so that I ended up taking her home with me on Saturday for a sleepover. She's such a little sweetie and an absolute charmer. She took to Denis immediately.

Angie and D played some Wii while I finally showered and got ready for dinner at Mom Turpin's place.

Tanya and Kyle joined us too. Angie was such a little "angel"and was a very well-behaved little lady. She took to Mom immediately too.

*i feel like this is the LAMEST written blog post ever right now - i guess that's what i get for writing this late on a Sunday night*

Here are some pics...

Angie and Mom Turpin

Kyle's first crush???
Hanging out with crazy me

This moment was classic. We were having fun playing some Wii at mom's place and all of a sudden Angelina looks at me and says "I don't even miss my family, I'm having too much fun!!!" A few minutes later Rach happened to call to check how she was doing and this was Angie telling Rach that she didn't miss them!!!

Having fun playing Wii...
After a yummy dinner at mom's we headed home and Angie had a My Little Pony bubble bath in the giant tub. Then it was story time and bed time. I offered to read her more stories but she said nope, she was ready for bed (at 8:50)...So well behaved!
I think she was ready for bed because she loved her car bed for the night...
Are those the most amazing eyes or what???

I offered to let her call home to say goodnight but she said she didn't need to! Ha!!! What a card...

We all had a great sleep and then had to get up this morning to go here...
We nearly cancelled last night because it was SO CHILLY and it had been raining and even snowing (a bit) all weekend. Fortunately there was not rain this morning but there was...COLD.
Good thing I grabbed my winter jacket at the last minute. I thought I was done with it!

We waited in line for nearly an hour to get in for breakfast and other than the cold, nobody minded! We kept ourselves occupied...
Kayleigh taking a load off and trying to warm up!

Sweet baby Kasey

Kasey and I - I nearly kidnapped her - the only thing stopping me was that Katie would know exactly where to find her!!!

Kayleigh wearing John's mitts!!!

Playing in the "bush" while waiting for breakfast...notice I'm not in the picture??? It was definitely out of my element...there was LOTS OF MUD. Yikes!!!

The "sugar shack"...also a great place to warm up!

Kasey and I warming up near ALL THAT SYRUP!!!

Kayleigh wearing my mitts (too funny)!
After our delicious breakfast we headed off onto a hay ride...

The girls landed some prime seats!

Kayleigh (aka burrito girl)

Getting off the hayride - (almost) the whole gang)...

We got off halfway through the hayride and there was a little petting zoo with a playground and LOTS MORE MUD!!!
By the time the hayride was over Katie's girls were exhausted so they headed home and the rest of us stuck around for a little syrup on a stick and maple flavoured cotton candy...
Angie thoroughly enjoying the treat!

Alexa having fun!!!
Getting ready to roll....

I think Rach likes it...

And so does D!

Of course D needed the crash course on understanding the cotton candy machine!
D and I headed home and decided to have a quick cat nap...it turned into over FOUR HOURS!!! Haven't had a nap that long in a very long time! We've just been working on some photography stuff this evening. D has done his Grandma's wedding album and I have to say it is AMAZING. I'm totally blown away by what he's done with it. So blown away that I'm getting scared he's doing to dethrown me as the "creative" one in the relationship. I think it's the most incredible gift he can give to them...
I really need to head to bed because I have an urgent text to work on tomorrow but I'm going to leave you with some exciting news...
I managed to get into a photography class with Maggie Holmes. I have been admiring her style for a while and I am BEYOND THRILLED that I managed to get into this class because space was very limited. I'll be starting in the middle of May.
I'm looking forward to a short week this week and looking forward to the very long weekend even more!!! April is going to be a very very busy month for me but the good part is it's busy with lots of fun stuff!
'night lovelies...