Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some more photos from the Vicki weekend...

Hi lovelies.

We are more or less settled into life in Winnipeg. It has been a whirlwind week so far between driving for 3 days and trying to help out as much as we can around here. Yesterday we spent the day helping in the yard. We're going to have to rename Denis "donkey" or something because he has been a total workhorse. Seriously. The running joke he has when my mom thinks up a new project for him is "make a list."

I don't know that they will allow him to return to Ottawa.

We are still in limbo as far as my dad is concerned. The next step in the process is to "stage" him. If he's in Stage 1 or 2 there is reason for hope but Stage 4 is quite grim.

His spirits are up and he's taking time to enjoy life and the people around him. Denis and I had an amazing day with him on Friday...he was really down in the morning so I offered to help him with his errands and D wanted to come along. We hit so many places looking for parts for the pool and everywhere we went he ran into friends and spread many hugs.

Denis and I even convinced him to join us for lunch at the Olive Garden. He was in his glory and really spreading his joy. We were definitely able to turn his mood around.

We also celebrated Rylee's birthday on Friday night so he had more fun there!

I'm finding it hard to keep on top of my blogging/e-mail/facebook/life. I rarely have time for television if you can believe that! We're really trying to spend as much time as possible helping out.

I'm adding a few more pictures from the Vicki weekend tonight and I'll maybe put together a collage or something of some Winnipeg pics so far because there are SO MANY of them!!! I must put a disclaimer on these pictures...although it may appear we had had SEVERAL pitchers of beer, we only had 2 drinks each...blame it on Smiths Falls...

LOOK! even mama is a rockstar...

Well - off to bed. I have my first day at our Winnipeg offices tomorrow. The staff there is great so I'm actually looking forward to it. My parents are picking up the kids from school so we'll have supper with them and then I have a HOT DATE with my Jodi (so very excited) to watch the Bachelorette and I FINALLY get to see her new house...

I'll try and post more often, I promise

'night lovelies...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Katie...this one's for you...

The first few seconds were accidentally cut off this video...the part that was cut off is "Katie, this one's for you..."

Hayden went all out just for you! Hope you like it...

Well, we made it safely to Winnipeg yesterday after three days of driving. I didn't mention anything on here because it was a surprise for most of the family (other than my parents)...

My niece and nephew were SO VERY EXCITED when they saw us and the feeling was DEFINITELY mutual.

I'm going to be working from Winnipeg for a while as we figure out my dad's health concerns.

I am off to get ready. We're going to run some errands and then D and I get to pick up the kids from school and I think we're going to take them to the Blue Bombers training camp.

We took some pictures last night that I'll try to post later. I'm so behind on posting. Rylee and Hayden BOTH shot AMAZING shots with our cameras. I think we have found our little assistants!

Have a great day lovelies...(hopefully it is MUCH warmer where you are - I'm pulling out the woolies)...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This one time in Smiths Falls...

Hi Lovelies

I don't have long to write...Janet and Dorrie have already headed to the store and I haven't even showered!

Just wanted to pop in quickly and say what an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING weekend we've had yet again in Smiths Falls. I have not stopped laughing since Friday night. Seriously. It feels incredibly amazing for the soul...I am so grateful for this weekend. I swear. There are no words.

And I just have to throw this out there...the weekend was 100% DRAMA FREE. ohhhhhhhhhh that feels so so so good. Just lots of creativity, laughs and wonderful friends.

Oh jeez. I think there might be some drama now...I just stole the title of Dorrie's blog post. OOops. Don't tell her ok?

Well I really must run and get cleaned up for a last little bit of cropping.

I have SO MANY STORIES TO TELL but there is no time now so I'll just leave you with a quick photo and this...we met the lead singer, he gave us a couple CDs AND he even autographed mine with a sharpie...I'll fill in the blanks at a later date!

I think this weekend just may require a mini album of its own!!!

Just one question...why do I look like the only crazy in the photo???

Thank you thank you thank you Janet and Dorrie. I seriously can't thank you enough for this weekend. SERIOUSLY.

Now move over I have four songs to listen to...