Sunday, June 7, 2009

This one time in Smiths Falls...

Hi Lovelies

I don't have long to write...Janet and Dorrie have already headed to the store and I haven't even showered!

Just wanted to pop in quickly and say what an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING weekend we've had yet again in Smiths Falls. I have not stopped laughing since Friday night. Seriously. It feels incredibly amazing for the soul...I am so grateful for this weekend. I swear. There are no words.

And I just have to throw this out there...the weekend was 100% DRAMA FREE. ohhhhhhhhhh that feels so so so good. Just lots of creativity, laughs and wonderful friends.

Oh jeez. I think there might be some drama now...I just stole the title of Dorrie's blog post. OOops. Don't tell her ok?

Well I really must run and get cleaned up for a last little bit of cropping.

I have SO MANY STORIES TO TELL but there is no time now so I'll just leave you with a quick photo and this...we met the lead singer, he gave us a couple CDs AND he even autographed mine with a sharpie...I'll fill in the blanks at a later date!

I think this weekend just may require a mini album of its own!!!

Just one question...why do I look like the only crazy in the photo???

Thank you thank you thank you Janet and Dorrie. I seriously can't thank you enough for this weekend. SERIOUSLY.

Now move over I have four songs to listen to...


Dorrie said...

"this one time ... in Smith Falls"..
I have a some stomach from all the laughing...
I love you and it is I who should thank you ..
A- for not going commando to sleep..
B- for not feeling the need to spoon me at night
c- and for listening to me all weekend...
What a wonderful friend I have found...
I found Happy this weekend, that's for sure!
Drive carefully.. be safe.. and hug my boyfriend for me..

Dorrie said...

I meant SORE stomach... LOL

Kataroo said...

Soooooooooo happy you had so much fun, that you got to laugh your ass off and make Dorrie sick to her tummmy with laughter :) Love you Turd :)

Rachel said...

Oh sweets .. I miss you so much already!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you had an awesome weekend .. and I can't wait to read all about it...

You and D drive safe and please let us know you got there safe and sound!

Love ya bunches babe!

Anonymous said...

You guys are sooo funny. Thanks for an awesome weekend filled with laughter and good friends!