Monday, May 18, 2009

Today feels just like Christmas...

I've been looking forward to today for probably close to two months now.

My excitement involves two women.

1) Maggie Holmes
2) Jillian Harris

Denis need not be afraid. I'm not switching teams so to speak. I mean these women are beautiful and all but I'm not trading in my hunka hunka burning love anytime soon!!!

I started my much anticipated online photography class today. Maggie Holmes is pretty well known in the scrapbooking world and she is also an AMAZING photographer! I have already completed all of my assignments for week 1. Yes. In the first day. Mom - pick yourself up of the floor - it's true!

I can't get over how what she writes just "makes sense." I had that same feeling when I took Kathy's class at Scrapfest.

I don't have any incredible shots to show off just yet. This week's lesson was all about ISO and how the different settings give you different pictures. I am SO PUMPED for the next six weeks...

The "other" woman is the bachelorette - Jillian. She was my absolute FAVE on the last season of the Bachelor so to know she has her very own show now...oh yeah! If only Jodi was here to watch it with me...

The countdown is on - only 35 minutes to go until showtime.

It has been a wonderful, busy, relaxing, fruitful weekend.

Friday night we ran a few errands after work and spent some time together. I got to spend lots of phone time with my girls Chris and Cawi. It was heaven.

Saturday we celebrated Kyle's first birthday. What an awesome little boy! He's such a little sweetheart and he's super easygoing and well behaved.

We bought him a Little Tikes car - at least I think it's Little Tikes. Keith sat him on the box before opening it and he kept rocking back and forth and laughing. I think he liked the box more than the car!!!

An added bonus was that we may have created some business for C'est La Vie. We put together a video slidshow of pictures of Kyle's first year set to music together. It turned out pretty good considering that we didn't start it until a few hours before the party. Talk about TEAM WORK!

We were the last stragglers at the party so we got in a nice little visit with Tanya and Keith as well - after all of the craziness!

Here are some pics...

Note to self - before having children must do some serious Michelle Obama arm work. I could barely move my arms at all and I was in EXTREME PAIN on Saturday night from lifting Kyle repeatedly over my head. Ha! D had a really good laugh at my expense...

We spent ALL DAY SUNDAY learning CS4. The primary focus was Photoshop. I am so lost but fortunately D has a much better understanding of it all and was able to help me.

We've been taking life easy today doing a bit of this and that. We read my class material and we both did the homework (seperately - I'm not cheating!!!).

We worked on our CS4 course material as well. All I can say is that Illustrator is MUCH HARDER than Photoshop!!!

This evening we've retreated to seperate areas of the in the bedroom, D in the family room. He's watching the 24 Season Finale and I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelorette. It was a tough call to determine who would get the HDTV for this evening. I mean yes 24 has high action and all that jazz but COME ON - 25 BACHELORS. I think I'M THE ONE that needs the HDTV in this case!!!

Well - 10 minutes to show time. Must be all focused and ready.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe long weekend....

'night lovelies!


Kataroo said...

blissful, ahhh I enjoyed reading that this morning with my coffee :)

Louise Dubord said...

Too funny! My hubby and I did the exact same thing tonight (except I watched it on my tiny TV in the office/library/warehouse/scaproom.We really need to move (September). How come men always get the big comfy chair, the big super-duper TV?
Those shows are my guilty pleasures also. And Jillian was my favorite last year. I am glad they picked her. Did you see the guy who almost smothered her when he met her? EWWWWWW! Also too much hair gel! I can't imagine the smell with all that testosterone and after shave and hair gel!!!!! Asthma attack guaranteed! Oh by the way, do you mind? You might be stuck with me on this one because none of my friends watch the show, or admit to it. Guilty pleasures... they don't know what they miss!

Stay Funny said...

It looks like you guys had a great w-end! The pics of little Kyle are really precious! Love the one with his hat looking up! Enjoy your Maggie H class!!!!