Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Birth day

Well, the day is here. Today was our due date for Patrick. We have taken the day off to be together. I just wanted to be with D and cry if I need to cry without worrying about work. As luck would have it the snow is coming down here so it's pretty much a perfect day to be home with your honey. We've been very slow moving this morning and he's just going to build a fire to warm us while we play a game or watch a movie.

I am happy to report that I have been doing much better than I expected I would be. I'm not going to lie, it hit me hard a few times this morning already and I've had a few good cries but ironically enough I am also feeling some relief in sight. I feel like tomorrow we can REALLY move on. I don't have to eye every pregnant belly I see and wonder if that's what mine would have looked like at that point.

We will always carry Patrick in our hearts but hopefully with less of the grief.

We have done something very special to honour his due date...we have started our first business together.

Late Sunday night we submitted our incorporation papers to Industry Canada and by 8:30 Monday morning we had our certificate of incorporation. We have asked them to date everything to today's date - which they have.

So something else has been born today...C'est La Vie Studio & Design Inc. We have been talking about starting this business for nearly a year now. I guess all that procrastinating paid off in the end and we were able to start on a very meaningful day.

We still have a very long way to go before the business is entirely up and running but for now, it's official.

Our main focus will be photography but we will also be doing "paper" design including invites and anything else that someone may need for a given event. In some cases we are even open to event design. The two of us did a lot of the planning for Tanya's baby shower last year and had a few people asking if it was professionally done so we think we can handle some event design as well. Like I say, we will be starting small...

I came up with the name C'est la Vie because I thought it reflected our primary focus of capturing life's moments.

With any luck we'll have some very special moments of our own to capture sometime in the near future...

Sending kisses to Patrick,


Stay Funny said...

Sendding you a warm hug
Enjoy your time with D

Congrats on the new business, love the name and wishing you lots of succes to the both of you in starting this new adventure.

Louise Dubord said...

Oooooooh! I feel for you sweetie. I have been following your blog lately (as a member of the Scrapbox) and today my heart just went to you. I am lending you my virtual soulder to lean on. You are a stronger woman than you think and I am sure wonderful things are in store for you in the future. Good luck on your new adventure. I am sure we will meet at the store one of these days. You were very wise to take this day for you. Sending you positive thoughts.

Kataroo said...

So glad to hear that you two took the day together, to share and be with one another. So very happy to also see that you have marked the day with your new venture. Love you!!

Dorrie said...

My thoughts are with you, your dh and your Patrick!!! Hugs all around! I will share something personal with you in an email about work today... you can't even believe it.
You are such a wonderful personality, I expect you and your husband will succeed far beyond your expectations!!!
What a beautiful day today is!

Rachel said...

BIGGEST HUGS SWEETIE! I do admire your strength and focus...

Luvs Ya!

Closet Artist said...

I am late to this post but want to send hugs and know that your angel is always with you.
Congratulations on your new venture and what a special day to start on the journey. Keep us posted on the business and we will help spread the word!

Oh and perhaps one day we will meet IRL through one of the Ya-Yas! LOL