Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Vicki time!!!



It's here it's here it's here. Our Vicki weekend in Smiths Falls is FINALLY here. We've been counting down for what seems like FOREVER.

I'm headed out early tomorrow morning and I'm going to make my way to Perth to visit Grandmaman Turpin and Uncle Gil. I haven't seen them since October when I went down to the last Vicki retreat!

After lunch I'm headed to Smiths Falls and I'm going to meet up with my girls Rach, Steph, Katie and Karen and Krista too (hopefully) and I'm sure I'm forgetting others but I'm just too darn excited to focus right now.

There is a downside unfortunately...

Going away means PACKING. i HATE packing more than you can imagine. You just can't fathom how much I LOATHE packing.

Fortunately I married a hunka hunka burning love who has generously offered to help me pack AND he's already doing laundry for me. Does it get any better? I have a good excuse - my back is out so I'm resting it after a long day so that I'm good to go for the weekend.

I just finished dinner and I'm going to have my first easter cream egg of the season and then it's SHOWTIME!!!

Pack, a hot bath and a good snuggle with my sweetie (hopefully while watching Grey's)

I'll try to check in Sunday night when I get home. I'm off on Monday so I can recover...PHEW.

Have a great weekend lovelies


vicki boutin said...

See ya soon, Chica!

one and one + two said...

Have fun! Can't wait to see what you make...