Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Play Food and Wine

I've finally gotten around to posting about last Friday night...

We celebrated Denis' big promotion at my cousin Steve's new restaurant Play Food and Wine.

I honestly didn't know what to expect. I heard it was really "interactive" but had no clue what it meant. Now I do and I totally love the concept.

It's unlike traditional dining. You do not choose an appetizer, main course and desert. You basically sample several different items on the many. As many or as few as you choose. We decided to just share everything so we could try a variety of dishes. Everything was SO DELICIOUS. It was a fun way to dine and the place was packed. We will definitely be returning!!! I'd really like to try brunch!!!

Here are some pictures from the evening...

The first dish we tried came from "charcuterie" - apparently having something salty gets your tastebuds going. We had saucisson sec / tomato-ginger ketchup. The ketchup was INSANE!

The bread. We were hoping for a little of the carmelized butter they serve at Beckta - no such luck but it was still good!

Another shot of the saucisson sec

An artsy shot of the menu - they update it daily (you can see the date on the top right)...

We each had our own Beau's onion soup / rarebit crouton - SO GOOD...althought at first I thought it said "rabbit" crouton and thought EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

This was grilled flatbread / dipping sauces

The view outside - prime location in the market!
Digby scallops / bacon / mushroom consommé

onion fritters / tamarind dip (this is one of the side orders)
Arsty shot - Mom and I drank Angel's Gate Riesling. D and I visited Angel's Gate last year for Cawi's birthday in Niagara and LOVED IT!

This ironically was my fave dish of the night. Not something I would normally order but it came very highly recommended by the waitress...
Ontario pickerel / almond milk / lemon

curried shrimp / cashew butter / tropical fruit

Another side...frites / aioli

Shot of the menu with the wall colour in the background...

And the best course....DESSERT!
We had lattes with
doughnunts / coffee sauce
hazelnut crème brulee / biscotti
warm cookies / 3 varieties
chocolate pate / rosebuds / gelato
My cousin also sent over some yummy desert wine.
Bot the doughnuts and the chocolate pate were INSANE. OMG. The doughnuts were like timbits only 1000 times better. I'M STILL DREAMING ABOUT THEM!

A shot of the two of us. The best part of this picture is the lady's expression behind us. Must have been a great story! The red bag behind D's head is the bag they brought their wine in. It almost looks like a first aid bag!

And another...check out those dimples - *swoon*

A shot of the apron - took it for the logo

And finally a shot of mom!

So there you have it.

Our night at Play.

Well, just two more sleeps until our big weekend in Smiths Falls. I am SO LOOKING forward to it. I called Uncle Gil tonight to set up my big date to visit Grandmaman Turpin. Can't wait. I LOVE seeing her.

And I'm soooo looking forward to hanging with my girls, Steph, Katie and my roomie for the weekend Rach. I haven't seen Rach in FOREVER so I think we'll be talking eachother's ears off...AFTER her morning coffee of course! She's bringing the Tassimo so that'll be cool.

g'night lovelies


Kataroo said...


you guys are HOT!!

Stay Funny said...

wow this looks really like an amazing restaurant! And yes... you guys make such a beautifulk couple! And ohhhhh did I see correctly.... your wearing my favorite top - you look so beautiful and your eye just pops with it! See you in 1 dodo! Hugs sxx