Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Spain Photobook

Hi lovelies.

Have you noticed I tend to post on Sunday evenings lately. I'm not sure what is up with that. I need to get back to posting more often. Life is busy and yet there is nothing overly exciting going on right now so I tend not to post.

Enough about that.

Let's move on to PICTURES!!!

As promised, I did a photobook of our trip to Spain. We picked it up on Friday night and I am SO PLEASED with the final product. Seriously. Thanks to a "Happy New Year" gift from my Cuckoo Grandma, we splurged and purchased the larger format (I believe it is 12 x 14). Wow is all I can say. What a great tribute to our trip!

Once again I went crazy with collages.

Getting ready for take off

Hanging out in Granada before the wedding
The Alhambra

Flowers at the Alhambra

Architechtural details at the Alhambra. The two of us combined took HUNDREDS OF PICTURES that day. It was really hard to choose...

More Alhambra

And more Alhambra
Yup - you guessed it...

Cool buildings at the Alhambra

Love these shots...

Shots of the summer house
And more shots of the summer house at the Alhambra

The wedding and GORGEOUS BRIDE. She truly was simply stunning...

Getting into trouble at the cocktail party! Stunning location overlooking the entire city at sunset...

Dinner at the reception - we had the BEST table there!

The "party" - doesn't look like much fun does it? My fave wedding EVER after our wedding...
Granada post-wedding shots.

Group shot at the bride's parent's place before saying goodbye to Granada

Stunning boutique hotel we stayed at in Ronda. I think it was our best night sleep the entire trip! We rented a little cottage with a hot tub and a sauna and we got it to ourselves for an hour complete with some wine and goodies. Those pictures are for our private collection...ha! Just teasing. Not sure where those pictures are to tell you the truth!
Ronda by day and by night. Stunning little city. Notice the table of Sangria in the top left corner.

Seville. I really wasn't a big fan of Seville. It rained from the time we arrived until we left and I spent the entire time there in soaking wet clothes and shoes...ugh.

Feria de Abril in Seville

Details in Sevilla

Flamenco show in Sevilla - AMAZING!


Reliving Lucia and Mandy's wedding day near Palencia

Sunday afternoon at the bar - 9 months later little Javier was born!!!
Little Miki

The many faces of Miguel...
Madrid - the palace and gardens. This is literally Cheech's front yard. His apartment building is the pink one in the second photo from the top on the left. GORGEOUS!

More Madrid
Friends in Madrid - Cheech and Ana. And the most delicious thing...churros and chocolate. That's a cup of high quality melted chocolate - not coffee for dipping churros.

So there you have it. Thousands of pictures brought down to just 33 pages. Looking back at these makes me long to go back. I miss my friends there terribly. Mabel (the bride) will be giving birth to her first in just over two months and that will be the third baby to be born since we were there in April. Three babies I have yet to meet. I really need to start playing the lottery more often. Either that or it's time to pack up the house and move across the ocean! As it turns out Denis' company does have an office in Madrid. Wouldn't it be nice???
I can't believe it's already time to hit the sack for another week. Our weekend has been a whirlwind. Friday night we did some errands including picking up Monopoly for Wii. We had a blast playing it for hours on Friday night.
Yesterday Denis decided he wanted to plan a surprise date day. It started off with breakfast in bed and then a quick stop at the Scrapbox to pick up my Slice Toolkit and a Heidi Swapp mirror album. I finally got to use my gift cert. from Christmas.
Next it was off to the movies...all chick movies! We started with He's Just Not That Into You. Loved it. I read the book a few years ago and boy, so true. Great movie. It was hilarious because at the very end there was total silence in the theatre and this woman called out "there is hope!" It was classic.
D had planned back to back movies and our next show was Bride Wars. It was cute, quite predictable but always fun to see a wedding movie.
Finally we headed to Mexicali Rosas to share some fajitas before heading home for the evening.
Today has been rather low-key. Denis hit Starbucks this morning so I had a yummy tea latte when I woke up. We did some more errands and just chilled and did stuff around the house. I did my workout and now I'm watching the Grammys.
Tomorrow I head back into work. I've only been to work for 3 half days since the beginning of December because of the bus strike. I think I was the only person in the city disappointed to hear the strike had ended. Being able to work from home has significantly improved my quality of life. It's amazing to not have to spend 2+ hours in the car every day.
Well my lovelies, it's time for this Diva to get some beauty sleep.
'night lovelies


Stay Funny said...

Your book looks amazing!
Can't wait to see it IRL! Will take a better look at it over lunch... Beautiful pics!

Happy you had a great date day with D Saturday, was great seing you!
Have a good week, even if it means driving to work... hope you can one day work Remote from home!
Hugs... and movies are looking good!

Barb said...

Oh wow, your photo collages are amazing! Such a great mix of photos and colours. Wow!

Tanya said...

Laurie...those photos are absolutely WICKED!!! I want to get on a jet plane and head over to Spain right now. It looks absolutley breathtaking over there.I am sure your phot book is stunning.

one and one + two said...

Beautiful book! And it looks like it was a fabulous trip!