Sunday, March 8, 2009

cReAtIvE jUiCeS fLoWiNg

Hey kids! If you haven't watched the video of Katie below you absotootly MUST. I have lost count of the number of times I've watched it and it keeps getting more and more hysterical!
I cannot for the life of me believe it's already Sunday night. ugh. I wish it was Friday all over again.
I have to say I'm having a hard time adjusting to the time change today. I think it's early to bed for us.
It's been a busy and relaxing weekend all at the same time. I got many odds n' ends done that I've wanted to get out of the way. Denis and I worked on the business last night for several hours and that felt good. We actually had our first "official" meeting. We've found a few "models" to get our portfolio going so now we just have to make arrangements for shoots.
I spent some quality time in the studio today - I had to start by CLEANING IT ALL UP. And that cleaning led to some organization. It felt SO GOOD and it is so much easier to create wtih a clean and organized space. I'm slowly getting into sewing so I had to find room for all of my fabric and supplies. Here is what I've been up to...

We made these cards with Vicki last weekend. I ended up making two so I can sent Rylee and Hayden each one. I wrote them a little note and gave each of them a movie pass to celebrate spring!

This one is for Ry...

And this one is for Hayden...

I started making a pin cushion a few weeks ago and finished it today. I needed quite a bit of D's help with this one. For some reason the words on the pattern were not processing in my brain!
I used Heather Bailey fabric and even splurged on pink pins :)

I just love these colours together...

I have been searching for one of these for quite a while and happened to score one while in Smiths Falls last weekend. I love it!

I need to jazz it up with some accessories...
I decided to frame this layout. It's my fave EVER!

I popped into Home Sense yesterday to get ideas for props for photoshoots and I happened to find this. It is PERFECT for the studio and we'll be able to use it for shoots too. I have to say it's a darn good thing we've put ourselves on a budget because I could have spent thousands at Home Sense yesterday. There seemed to be SO MANY THINGS I loved!!! Fortunately I still had a gift card left to put toward it!

In keeping with the Heather Bailey theme...I made myself a travel mug! I picked up one of the clear mugs from Starbucks a few weeks ago and couldn't resist using some Heather Bailey paper. I even added "diva loca" - it was rather challenging to get it in. Once again D's help was required!
I now have the prettiest mug on the block for my tea. Ironically I also managed to find another travel mug at Home Sense. It's kinda funky, pink and white and it has an "L" on it!
Two weeks ago I had a sewing marathon and I sewed a bunch of these camera straps. They fit Nikon straps only unfortunately...I just LOVE THEM. So pretty. Each strap is double sided.

And last but certainly not least...
Rach bought us clear rings by Theresa Collins. Rach, Katie, Steph and I decided to have matching rings so we're all using *surprise surprise* Heather Bailey paper for our rings. Here is mine...I LOVE IT!

So there you have it. My latest creativity. We have a busy week ahead (hopefully overtime free for me) and next weekend is going to be even busier. I'm having a raclette dinner with my old work team on Friday night and then Saturday we're off to visit Tanya, Keith and Kyle.
Well, time for bed to start Monday off on a great foot!
'night lovelies


Dorrie said...

I swear to God I am asking this.. can you please teach me to sew?
I HAD to have this flippin sewing machine for my bday a couple of years ago and I haven't the foggiest idea what to do with it ...I think I may have sewn on a layout.. but that's it! LOL
I love all your goodies.. I hope you get lots of rest and start off the work week on the right foot... back to work for me too after my vacation...
luv ya

Louise Dubord said...

Hi, thanks for the post on my blog. We did the other Carribbean cruise 2 years ago. We just love it, it's such a change of scenery and it's nice not to have to change hotels all the time. There is only one problem: I easily get used to the cabin stewart cleaning twice a day!

Yes I am a translator too (from English to French). I work for a governement corporation (but not the Translation Bureau).

We also have a most wonderful friend in common : St├ęphanie!

Hope I see you at the store one day. Have a good week.

Stay Funny said...

ohhhhhh love the pin cushion! would love one of thise... especially that the strap you wanted to give me didn't fit... ;(

So Haooy you put your favorite layout in a frame... so perfect! And that stool is to die for!

The dress form is also great for proping for pictures!

Kataroo said...

I want to come live in your studio, yep that's my new home!!