Monday, March 30, 2009

Squires Family Sneak Peak

Hi lovelies

Well I've caved with all the pressure and I'm going to post a few UNTOUCHED sneak peaks of the Squires family photo shoot.

I started my photo editing class tonight and so far I'm LOVING it. It's come at a perfect time.

Denis and I "played" with pictures from the photoshoot on our flat screen tv for a few hours tonight.

So here you go...

Our makeshift bedroom in the basement...

This is what it really looks like...

This is what things looked like a few hours into the shoot...

Family shot...(we made them kiss allllllll day long!)

A little monkey swinging away....
Denis calls this one our "money shot!" - how precious is Kasey??? I made a bunch of flower headpieces to be used in future shoots. Unfortunately I didn't make them too well because I need to fix them!!!

Funny story - After we took some pictures of Kasey in these flowers we popped Kayleigh in there. She got a bit distracted and wanted to play with the fur carpet instead of the flowers so I asked her if there were any bugs in the flowers...BIG MISTAKE! After that she wasn't interested in being within 10 feet of the flowers!!! Denis kept teasing me later that night saying "couldn't you have said butterflies instead? what were you thinking saying BUGS???"
live and learn!


Kataroo said...

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!Thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh crying!!!!

Stay Funny said...

beautiful job D and Laurie! Love the pic of Kasey in the bucket! WOW! Can't wait to see them all!!!

Rachel said...

OMFG L.... these are brilliant! Watch out Aunt Gettie.. The Turpins are in town! LOL

Now I am beyond pumped for mine!

Congrats babe!