Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A quick Christmas recap...

Wow - can you believe Christmas has already come and gone? It seemed to go by especially quickly this year as I was sick and basically house-bound for the last ten days leading up to the big day. I seemed to miss the craziness and excitement that is Christmas.

Despite the yucky laryngitis and strep throat we still managed to have a pretty wonderful holiday.
It was VERY low key. I stayed home on Christmas Eve to try and feel better for Christmas Day and to keep my germs to myself. Denis headed to Mom Turpin's for some family time and the chance to celebrate his Godson Kyle's first Christmas. We had SO MUCH FUN spoiling him rotten!!! I just couldn't stop myself. I love spoiling kids at Christmas. LOVE IT!

We had a fantastic Christmas morning just the two of us. I was heavily sedated on Nyquil so we slept until after 10...TOTALLY UNHEARD OF FOR ME. Usually I'm up before 6 a.m. I'm like a little kid. Denis was the little kid this year! He woke up several times during the night hoping that morning had come...

We took our time getting up, sipping coffee and making a big apple pancake together. It was FINALLY time to open presents. I think this is the first year it has been just the two of us on Christmas morning and there was something really special, romantic and enjoyable about it. We took our time, sipped our coffee and just enjoyed.

A few of my presents had not yet arrived (Internet purchases from the US) so Denis printed pictures and stuffed several envelopes with them!

He got lots of little fun goodies for my stocking and TONS OF CHOCOLATE. Just call me Willy Wonka!

With our pre-Christmas purchase we have now moved into the world of Blue Ray and I got a few new movies. My biggest gift was a storage system for all of my scrapbooking paper. Denis keeps saying he's going to make me something but just doesn't have the time for it so he broke down and bought me a pre-made modular system that I can build on. He put it together over the weekend and I TOTALLY love it. I've organized all of my paper in it already!

Here are some visuals to give you an idea of what Santa brought...

Here is a picture of a bunch of the pieces he got me all put together - this is just the ad - this isn't what my room looks like! (not pink enough!!!!)

I also have some new comfy duds for cropping...A carrying case for my Clip it up (I LOVE THAT SUCKER)And two new cartridges for my Slice...
Mom Turpin joined us later in the afternoon for a Christmas sleepover. All I can say is thank goodness for Supperworks!

We feasted on chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta, spinach and mushroom in pastry, brocoli casserole (the best we've ever had) and mom's stuffing. Desert was an apple peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

I had to cut out of the dinner early to lie down because I was feeling horrible. After a few hours I perked up and we played some Wii. We bought a third set of controllers for when mom comes over so we can all play. We also picked up The Price is Right for the three of us and threw in some Mario Kart for good measure.

Mom totally spoiled us rotten and she found the COOLEST gifts!

I got this jewelery box of wine - HOW FUNKY and SO ME!

And a close up of what the bottles look like...

She knows we have a bit of a Starbucks addiction right now so she got each of us one of these...
I have been looking for a nice big chunky mug like this forever - this is just perfect. As I type, we are sipping this puppy and I have to tell you it is SO YUMMY...

And the smallest gift that I think I am most excited about..


I have been meaning to get one of these for the past few months to feed my Starbucks addiction! I can't wait to break it in!

Denis got clothes. Lots and lots and lots and lots of clothes. He has enough new boxers for a cross-country road trip with the runs!

We did score a great deal on the Sunday before Christmas. My mom saw a set of dishes with deer and moose on them by Gluckstein and suggested I might want to get a set for D for Christmas. I didn't get around to buying them until Sunday. Good thing I waited. They were all 50% off. We broke them in at Christmas dinner. They are pretty cute and rather festive...ours are all black and white..

We tried to do some shopping on Boxing Day but I wasn't feeling too hot and there weren't that many great deals to be had. He did treat himself to a new receiver so that we have surround sound with our new tv and blue ray. He has a new toy to program. He'll be smiling (and busy) until next year.

I picked up a few new articles of clothing and a few new CDs. I'm not sure our neighbours are too happy with us right now. We are "trying out" the new CDs on the new receiver and seeing just what it can do...at 11:17 p.m. - hey, my lucky numbers!

It almost feels like New Years Eve tonight.

Speaking of which. We're having a quiet night in. I'm still not 100% and I'm honestly looking forward to some chill time for just the two of us. We may plays some games, watch a little Dick Clark and if I'm lucky I'll get a smooch at midnight!
So there you have it. The Christmas roundup 2008.
I hope 2009 holds many big (and hopefully some small) surprises for us all. I wish you health, love, adventure and lots of creativity.
Until next year my lovelies, ,
Diva Loca


Dorrie said...

Happy New Year sweetness... Love reading your blog...sounds like you got spoiled for Christmas...enjoy all your new toys!! Oh and I gave my DH that same pamphlet for the modular system...Ijust wasn't as lucky as you.. LOL
Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy new year!
Dorrie xo

Rachel said...

Oh I loved reading that.. inspite of being sickie girl you still sound like you enjoyed!

Luvs Ya

Kataroo said...

I LOVE those pants and sweat shirt!!! EEEEEEEEEk Happy New Year my friend :) and very gla dyour on the mend :)

Stay funny said...

Happy New year darling!
I need to come back tomorrow to read your post!
going back upstairs to watch the bye bye!
Hugs and all the best for 2009!