Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome to my world...

Yup - still down and out

I've basically just been getting through the past few days with easy access to Dr. Rachel. She's been giving me lots and lots of great advice on how to ease the pain a bit. We called (well D called because I have no voice) Telehealth this morning and they suggested I get back to see a doc within four hours.

We got ourselves ready and headed straight to the clinic. D worked from home today just in case I needed to go back (thank goodness).

The doc took a look at me and said my throat was "crazy red" now and although I have significant pain in my ears it's all from my throat - I don't actually have an ear infection. He didn't want to bother doing a swab because the results would take 48 hours and he didn't want to wait that long. So...he put me on antibiotics immediately along with some stuff to gargle (to freeze my throat and try to ease some of the pain) plus he's upped my Tylenol to T3s. You know what that means? I'll be sleepy even more. I say sleepy and not sleeping because I'm having HORRIBLE nights. D has taken up permanent residence in the spare room so he actually gets some sleep.

If this doesn't start to break within 48 hours I have to go back to the clinic on Saturday for more tests. YUCK. This is the last thing I need the week before Christmas. We may have to celebrate Ukranian Christmas this year!!!

The worst is that I'm in so much pain and discomfort I don't feel like doing ANYTHING other than lie around watching tv/movies and taking a bath.

The doc also said it may take a while for my voice to come back and that I'm not supposed to try to speak or even whisper...hey - come to think of it, maybe that's Christmas gift enough for D!

My "nurse" has taken a much deserved night off tonight to go and play poker with guys from work.

Oh man - no fair. All the commercials are for food and I haven't really eaten much "solids" since Saturday...this is one way not to gain any weight over the holidays!

'night lovelies


Stay funny said...

ohh no...... I hope you will be feeling better soon! Good thing Rach is in our group a friends.... she saved us many many many times!

Hang in there....wishing you a speedy recovery and some good planning for your Xmas shopping.

Hugs Sxx

Dorrie said...

feel better soon chickita... maybe a little quiet time is just what you need... LOL...
Drugs, sleep and lots of hugs from DH I'm sure will fix you all up..
Take care girlie...xo

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are still feeling terrible. Hope the meds work soon and that your pain gets less and less each day so that you are able to enjoy the holidays. Rest up my sweets!!