Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Merry Chirstmas from our home to yours...

Hi lovelies.
Merry Chirstmas Eve!

I was hoping to say that I'm as good as new today but unfortunately that's not the case. I'm still feeling rough although my voice has made its way back (after 10 days)...
I had a horrible night tossing and turning and coughing in D's face and he somehow managed to sleep peacefully through it all...
I hope you all have a very safe, healthy and happy Christmas.

Here are some very long overdue pictures of the decorations at our place...enjoy!

Our fireplace with decorative stockings hung - are real ones stay hidden until Chiristmas Eve...

The Christmas Village

Our family tree full of ornaments from the years of our lives...

Family tree all lit up in the family room
The main tree and staircase
Mirror at the front entrance...

All white tree in the living room...i love the reflection in the table in this shot
you can also see our Christmas Card tree on the right
more white tree

and again...

a vase of red and silver ornaments with white lights
Our newest tree this year - a pink tree for my pink studio

The pink feather boa tree decorated in pinks and black

A black wreath - i added the pink ornaments

A close up of the wreath - there is some glitter and bling in there too!
The "Turpin" Tree in our master bedroom nook...

A glittery T from the Turpin tree
Funky shot of the main tree

and another

Spare room green tree


Stay funny said...

All my best wishes!
I hope your feeling better!
Big hugs to you and D from both of us and your house looks amazing!

Rachel said...

STUNNING!!!!!!!! IRL gave me goosebumps... especially that gorgeous WHITE TREE by your front window!