Sunday, April 5, 2009

Girlz night turns into girlz weekend!!!

Wow wow wow! What a weekend. Is it REALLY Sunday night already??? Not only is it Sunday night but it's 11 p.m....Yikes!!!

It's been a very girls' weekend.

Friday Katie and I went to Rach's place for some girl time. Literally. Her poor hubs John was the only guy in the place!!! He made us some escargot and an amazing fajita/enchilada casserole. So yum. We had many beverages and many laughs. John (aka Juan) treated us VERY well - cooking for us and making sure our glasses were always full. Steph was able to pop in for a quick pit stop/desert after her class. Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I didn't get a single snapshot from Friday. Maybe that's best...there were a few bottles of wine consumed.

I sooo didn't want to go to sleep. We were having such a great time. We had a good ole' fashioned sleepover...all passed out in the living room while watching Sex in the City!

I totally hit it off with Rach's girls Alexa and Angelina. Angelina and I were instant much so that I ended up taking her home with me on Saturday for a sleepover. She's such a little sweetie and an absolute charmer. She took to Denis immediately.

Angie and D played some Wii while I finally showered and got ready for dinner at Mom Turpin's place.

Tanya and Kyle joined us too. Angie was such a little "angel"and was a very well-behaved little lady. She took to Mom immediately too.

*i feel like this is the LAMEST written blog post ever right now - i guess that's what i get for writing this late on a Sunday night*

Here are some pics...

Angie and Mom Turpin

Kyle's first crush???
Hanging out with crazy me

This moment was classic. We were having fun playing some Wii at mom's place and all of a sudden Angelina looks at me and says "I don't even miss my family, I'm having too much fun!!!" A few minutes later Rach happened to call to check how she was doing and this was Angie telling Rach that she didn't miss them!!!

Having fun playing Wii...
After a yummy dinner at mom's we headed home and Angie had a My Little Pony bubble bath in the giant tub. Then it was story time and bed time. I offered to read her more stories but she said nope, she was ready for bed (at 8:50)...So well behaved!
I think she was ready for bed because she loved her car bed for the night...
Are those the most amazing eyes or what???

I offered to let her call home to say goodnight but she said she didn't need to! Ha!!! What a card...

We all had a great sleep and then had to get up this morning to go here...
We nearly cancelled last night because it was SO CHILLY and it had been raining and even snowing (a bit) all weekend. Fortunately there was not rain this morning but there was...COLD.
Good thing I grabbed my winter jacket at the last minute. I thought I was done with it!

We waited in line for nearly an hour to get in for breakfast and other than the cold, nobody minded! We kept ourselves occupied...
Kayleigh taking a load off and trying to warm up!

Sweet baby Kasey

Kasey and I - I nearly kidnapped her - the only thing stopping me was that Katie would know exactly where to find her!!!

Kayleigh wearing John's mitts!!!

Playing in the "bush" while waiting for breakfast...notice I'm not in the picture??? It was definitely out of my element...there was LOTS OF MUD. Yikes!!!

The "sugar shack"...also a great place to warm up!

Kasey and I warming up near ALL THAT SYRUP!!!

Kayleigh wearing my mitts (too funny)!
After our delicious breakfast we headed off onto a hay ride...

The girls landed some prime seats!

Kayleigh (aka burrito girl)

Getting off the hayride - (almost) the whole gang)...

We got off halfway through the hayride and there was a little petting zoo with a playground and LOTS MORE MUD!!!
By the time the hayride was over Katie's girls were exhausted so they headed home and the rest of us stuck around for a little syrup on a stick and maple flavoured cotton candy...
Angie thoroughly enjoying the treat!

Alexa having fun!!!
Getting ready to roll....

I think Rach likes it...

And so does D!

Of course D needed the crash course on understanding the cotton candy machine!
D and I headed home and decided to have a quick cat turned into over FOUR HOURS!!! Haven't had a nap that long in a very long time! We've just been working on some photography stuff this evening. D has done his Grandma's wedding album and I have to say it is AMAZING. I'm totally blown away by what he's done with it. So blown away that I'm getting scared he's doing to dethrown me as the "creative" one in the relationship. I think it's the most incredible gift he can give to them...
I really need to head to bed because I have an urgent text to work on tomorrow but I'm going to leave you with some exciting news...
I managed to get into a photography class with Maggie Holmes. I have been admiring her style for a while and I am BEYOND THRILLED that I managed to get into this class because space was very limited. I'll be starting in the middle of May.
I'm looking forward to a short week this week and looking forward to the very long weekend even more!!! April is going to be a very very busy month for me but the good part is it's busy with lots of fun stuff!
'night lovelies...


Kataroo said...

I had the most amazing weekend with you all, prefect mix of friends and family. That pic of you and Kasey in the sugar skack is so amazing.....beautiful. So did you photoshop the snot out?? Her nose looks clean LOL

Stay Funny said...

Loving all the pics!
Yeahhhhh for the class with Maggie!!! have a fabu week and cheers to a great April month!

Rachel said...

OH MY... so you'llhave a good chuckle at this one. I bought them a movie and I say in the car ride home.. WHO IS THE BESTEST MOMMY IN DA WORLD... and Alexa screams "Katie" and ANgie says no... the lasy I had the sleepover with.... BAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Okay so not only am I not the best mommy in the world.. but I lost to a nameless lady!

Out of the mouths of babes... oh and after the movie was given... I was the bestest mommy once again.. doncha love bribery! WINK

Great pics.. Ang is already taking about next time!