Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2 days in a row...

Wow! So this is the second post in as many days - that must be some sort of record for me!
It was another great day and once again flew by quite quickly.

I'm happy I decided to go back to translation - definitely the right decision. I leave the office and forget work - what a concept! I'm far more relaxed and even D says he notices a huge difference in me. THANK GOODNESS...

D and I planned a quick date after work tonight to see...MAMA MIA! I love Mama Mia in a way I can't put into words. I've seen the stage production five, yes FIVE times so I've been anticipating this movie for several months now. I am happy to report I was not disappointed. I do have to say that the theatre was an absolute ZOO. We went to the 4 p.m. show - you'd think at that time nobody would be around. Apparently I was wrong. There were lineups galore!

Fortunately D got there nice and early and was able to secure us our favourite seats. The funny part was we were surrounded by several women from the Red Hat society - all of them clad in various items of red and purple clothing. Some of their hats were the standard red hads but others were quite...original! My favourite was the feathers - lots and lots of feathers perched on their heads like pet birds.

Ok - back to the movie. It was tres frommage but so am I so I loved it! Poor D was seated next to a few "red hats" who sang through the entire movie. I have to admit, they were so cute all dressed up that it didn't even bother me. Then again, it wasn't my ear they were singing into.

This is definitely a movie I'll be going back to see and I will be buying the DVD. Other than the girl who played Sophie, most of the main characters' singing left something to be desired but it just didn't matter. It was impossible to NOT be happy sitting through the movie!

Ok - time to focus on my task for the evening - posting more pics. I was doing so well a bit earlier and then blogger went down - GRRRR. Hopefully it'll work this time.

And now, as promised, my latest pages...

This layout is called "have your cake and eat it 2" - i have been looking forward to scrapping our cake for a very long time. Basically for nearly the past 3 years I have tried to do our wedding photos in chronological order - that's not always easy because sometimes I'm "feeling" other pictures and by forcing myself to stick with the order, I think I was limiting my creativity. I no longer do that so I'm jumping around with my pages more and more.

As I was saying - I was really looking foward to scrapping the cake. I/we LOVED our cake. It was as yummy as it was visually spectacular. We hired the best of the best in Ottawa - Tatiana. She makes the cakes for the Prime Minister and Governor General's functions. You don't get any better than that. She was amazing to work with - a true artist and master of her craft. I gave her ideas and she basically ran with them and designed the cake.

I kept these pages simple - I wanted the cake to be the focus as opposed to a lot of "busy" stuff. I don't generally put lots on my pages (although I'm working on it) but I wanted this one to be particularly streamlined. I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

Although I squeezed quite a few images onto the double layout of the cake, there were still a few left over. I know I know, no need to scrap ALL pictures but I just couldn't resist. Once again I wanted something simple and pretty and I came up with this...

Ok, now that you are all hungry for cake, let's move on!
I did this next layout on a most enjoyable afternoon hanging out with Steph. She loves this one and given how much I adore her style that is a total compliment. I rarely use black cardstock but I love the way this turned out. These are a couple of my favourite pictures of the wedding.
You'll notice a new trend on the next few pages - oval bling framing either words or pictures. I swear it's like my "signature" lately - I can't seem to get away from it. Note to self - time to stock up on the bling!

I have bad news - I'm running out of pictures of Rylee. I LOVE doing pages with pictures of Rylee from our wedding. She looked so adorable and I swear at times she was even more excited about our wedding than Denis and I. I loved living the wedding through her eyes. She partied like it was 1999.

I had this quote and I felt that it perfectly describes my Rylee girl:

Precious jewel you SHINE reflecting all good things in the world.

Shine she does - I just had to add some bling for an extra glow to this little beauty.

I love the combination of pink and turquoise.

Well that's it for tonight - more to come tomorrow...

Now I'm off to try and get ideas for my blog banner and work on the design.

Sweet dreams.


Stay funny said...

Your blog is looking great!!!! Wow love it and ohhhhh i see my favorite page!!!! It's still my favorite one, however the one with the bird you did the past w-end is close to it now!!!! Love the bling/flower on each element of the righ side of your blog! Well good night i'm off to bed!

Kataroo said...

love the new look and your wedding cake is so awesome,love how you have scrapped it!! I want to scrap it too :) LOL