Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phew...crisis averted

Well, it took a few hours, several censored words and buckets of patience but my blog list is back up and running. The first hour generated nothing but errors and that was SO VERY FRUSTRATING. I tried and retried and retried to no avail...after adding about 50 or so blogs I was left with the same 7 in my list that I started with.


I finally shut everything down and tried again - this time VERRRRRY slowly. I gathered extra patience and went for it. I'm SO HAPPY to report that it worked. Call me crazy to waste so much time on it but I just love the new blogger function of keeping a list of blogs that lists which ones were updated when and puts them in order for you. I'm addicted to scrapbooking blogs right now and trying to view as many as possible. I dont' always read what is posted but I love looking at the pretty pictures.

On that note, I feel like I'm the only person in the scrapbooking world that was not at CHA this past weekend in Chicago. Now I know this is not the case - my peeps were with me most of the weekend so they weren't there either - but I mean SERIOUSLY...every blog I read either has CHA pictures or giveaways! Did my invite get lost in the mail or something? I think that is something to add to my vision board - attend CHA. I think I better put a winning lottery ticket on the board beside that one because I cannot even fathom what I would spend there!
This weekend is shaping up to be a good one and hopefully a creative one!

We're getting together with Steph and Steph again on Saturday (horray) for double dates and finding such great friends! Who would have known we'd meet and click so quickly?
I guess I need to get cracking on getting creative because I'm running out of pictures to post on here...

I also have to get cracking on some cards. Our 3 year anniversary is around the corner and D's birthday is a month away. I always seem to end up making the card the night before or day of special events. I'm telling myself this will NOT HAPPEN this time. Heck - I'm already thinking of starting Chrsitmas cards but have to wait for the new Heidi Snap line Winterfresh to be released!

I actually made a card for Lynn's birthday - I think it is one of my favourite cards EVER and the best part is it was made in record time! So fast actually that I didn't even have time to take a picture!!!
Here are the pages I've done in the past week.

I called this one Butterfly Bubbles mostly because I couldn't think of a more original title.

I LOVE this picture (do I say that for every picture? It sure feels like it) but it's true, I love love love it. What I love most is that our photographer captured such a true and innocent moment between Rylee, Hayden and Stef.

Hayden totally fell in love with Stef the day of our wedding, I mean FELL IN LOVE. Three years later he STILL talks about marrying her! He's even decided they are going to open up their own minature golf place and Stef will be responsible for making the clubs because, in his words, she's "one smart cookie."

I love how it looks like there are really butterflies coming out of his bubble blower and the look of wonder.

On a side note, Butterfly Bubbles is the one and only page I did on my scrapbooking weekend with Chris and Cawi. I had a JEEP FULL of stuff (all for scrapbooking) and I did one page. But you know what? I wouldn't trade 100 pages for the good times we had that weekend. We're already trying to figure out our next getaway. I think we may need at least a good six months before seeing eachother again - my liver needs to recover!

This next page I did at my first ever Scrapbox Crop. I was pretty much looking forward to it, mostly just to hang with the Del Montes but didn't have many expectations. The best times happen when you aren't expecting anything. We laughed SO HARD I felt like I had completely lost my marbles!

This page is chalked full of HEIDI SNAP goodness! Naturally the most stunning part of the page are the pictures of my two beautiful bridesmaids, Stef and Lucia. They made our day so wonderful and made me thoroughly enjoy the girly stuff like getting reading and of course reapplying the lipgloss!

Where do I begin with all the Heidi goodies? I can't get enough of the damask stickers (this one was a gift from Steph) and her new pink chipboard letters are fantastic. They are much thicker than a lot of chipboard and sort of spongey at the same time!

I have the mandatory bling (love Sassy because that's totally Stef and Lucia) and of course the little bird's crown - scraplifted that idea!

Finally, the new heart mirrors are to die for! I need to order more, I have gone through my package like nobody's business! I think the wings are the perfect accessory for the mirror.

Top it all off with the sheet of "runway" paper and it's pure perfection!

I love how this next page seems to capture the moment we were in when these pictures were taken. It feels so serene and peaceful like we are the only two people in the world at that point. The reality was that we were at the Museum of Civilzation literally SURROUNDED by people - some we knew, others we didn't. The group that stood out the most was a bus load of Italian tourists who clapped when they saw us and suddenly broke into a traditional Italian wedding song. Such a fun memory from the day!

Once again this page is almost exclusively Heidi - hmmm notice a trend here?

You have no idea how much I struggled with the smallest part of this page...the "of"
I tried rub-ons but since the blue heart is covered in sparkles they wouldn't stick.

Finally one of the girls suggested putting the "of" beside it and luckily they had the right letters to do so - Now who was it? Lynn? Janet? Steph? I would normally say Lynn - she has EVERYTHING I ever need but I think this time it was Janet!

I totally drooled all over the new Heidi chandier crystals but I had NO CLUE how I would go about using them on a page. Then I stumbled across this idea on one of Heidi's friend's blog and what a GREAT IDEA! Why didn't I think of that???

I also stole this idea for decorating the butterfly from the same blog! ohhh - don't you just love turquoise, pink and brown? wow! what a colour combo.

Well, time to head to bed. Hopefully the rain eases up a bit - I love the sound of rain, I'm just not too crazy of the sound of torrential downpours when I'm trying to sleep.
'night lovelies


Kataroo said...

lov'n the crown on the brd and the layering of the butterfly.

Kataroo said...

lov'n the crown on the brd and the layering of the butterfly.

Cawi said...

You really surprised me with your use of greeen grass in your first crop...that is so Cawi! Nice to see your weekend was full of inspiration. Great blog and great music as well.