Monday, July 21, 2008

rediscovering my creativity

Well, I have to say, I went through quite the dry spell when it came to my scrapbooking. Life took over and I didn't have the time/desire to be creative. All of that has changed in the past month or so. It's amazing how a life-changing event can really bring out one's creativity and that's exactly what happened to me. That and I made a new friend, Steph, an amazing scrapbooker. She inspires me to create more and better (if that makes any sense)...

I've also had a few great crops with Lynn and Janet both here at our place and at the Scrapbox. We're a great bunch together and it's amazing to see how different yet equally amazing our styles are!

This past Saturday the four of us (and Denis and Steph's Stephane) celebrated Lynn's 29th birthday!

I was actually spoiled even though it wasn't my birthday...Janet got me a camera strap that is SO ME. I cannot even put into words how much I love it. Denis and I have often joked that if I could I would spraypaint my camera pink just to make it pretty. Seeing as I won't be able to take any pictures if I do that, this strap is the next best thing...and I LOVE IT!

Another exciting thing I did on Saturday night was I e-mailed Heidi Swapp - or in some circles we call her Heidi Snap! She is my aboslute favourite and I should seriously buy shares in her company. I love everything about her and her line - the pink, the bling, the damask, you name it, she is me. So basically, she was the inspiration for my brand new scraproom and I decided to tell her so. I REALLY hope she e-mails me back...that would be SO COOL. This is what she inspired:

Well, I wanted to post some pics of my recent pages but I think I'll wait and do that tomorrow or the next day because I have a hot date with hubs to see Mama Mia tomorrow night!


Stay funny said...

So happy to have "clicked" with you and that our boys are enjoying them self together; it's really super!!! It was a great w-end and I'm so happy that you decided to start blogging again!!! ~ Thanks for your friendship, Big hugs xx

Kataroo said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW I love your room!!! ITs gorgeous!!!!