Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My first Kit Club

I have put off joining a kit club for years. I'm not sure why really. I guess I was afraid of not liking what was in the kit and feeling like I wasted a bunch of money. As I'm spending more and more time on blogs and message boards I'm finding that kits are all the rage. And frankly, I hate feeling left out so I decided to break down and join a kit club.
I joined Scarlet Lime and this lovely kit arrived on our doorstep yesterday. It's like getting a birthday present once a month. The kit is absolutely GORGEOUS and I cannot get over just how much stuff is in it. I definitely do not regret joining and it'll give me a chance to expand my horizons a bit.
All pictures are courtesy of Scarlet Lime...

I have only one regret about the kit thing...I wish I would have joined Bad Girls too in time for the September kit. I spent the entire weekend drooling over Katie and Rachel's kits. I thought about stealing them after they had gone to bed but didn't think that would be the best way to make a first impression!
Well, I'm off to bed. I've had a lazy night. D on the other hand has been busy at work passing 1600 feet (yes, you read that right) of wire and networking cable or something or other thru the house.
He gets bonus points today for so many reasons
1) He stopped at Future Shop at lunch and not only did he get me the Sex and the City DVD, he got me the special edition
2) He finished work much earlier than I did today so he went grocery shopping
3) he made a DELICIOUS vindaloo veggie and shrimp stir-fry. Am I a lucky girl or what?
He's definitely a sweetie and I'm going to keep him!
night lovelies....


Stay funny said...

ohhhhhh what a yummylicious kit! Always loves Scarlet lime... what a great name too! Enjoy your new monthly kit! Ohhhh D is a sweetie and Girl you deserve it totally! Hugs and good night!

Mellisa said...

Hi Laurie

I was a pleasure meeting you, if only briefly. I am so glad you had a wonderful time at NavCan. Have fun with your new kit. It looks like a yummy one.