Sunday, September 14, 2008

There's nothing like Sunday morning...

Hi lovelies!

You might want to grab a cup of java - this one might be long...

I'm finally feeling myself again and it's been a busy weekend. There is so much going on my head is spinning but fortunately it's all good. It's all very very good.

While D was out visiting family on Friday night, I stayed in for a quite evening to fight the last bit of my bug. It turned out to be a rather unexpected GLORIOUS evening.

For starters I had a marathon phone conversation with my niece Rylee. She's 8 and fortunately enjoys talking on the phone. Since we live a few thousand miles apart, we've been speaking on the phone since she was a baby. In the early days I would have to pretend I was the Teletubbies to get her to come to the phone and she would just coo and laugh. As she's grown, so have the length of our conversations but Friday truly was an exception.

We've always had a special bond and one of our favourite things to do is discuss and dream of things we would do if we could be together. Friday she suggested I fly to *kidnap* her and bring her back to my place for the weekend! I explained that having the police chasing us might cut our weekend plans short! Her idea was to "lock ourselves in the scrapbook room and have Uncle Denis (aka Farticus - her name, not mine) bring us breakfast, lunch and dinner! What a kid.

She also explained how babies were born, asking me that when I have a baby, do I plan to push it out of have the doc pull it out? Pardon? Ah yes, apparently she's been watching a lot of a baby story and you have to "spread your legs really wide in the air and push the baby thru the - you know - V word" Good old TLC. Aparently she learned all of this on a Baby Story!

I then headed inot the studio (cue the allelujias) to work on my "assignments" for Got Sketch this week. I also had the football game playing in the background and the BOMBERS FINALLY WON...TRIPPLE ARM PUMP. And against the Argos no less! Argos suck!

Ah - I forgot to mention, Denis made a trip to Ikea on Friday to pick up stuff for his new office. We debated about picking it up last weekend when we were there but FORTUNATELY he had to calculate exactly what pieces he wanted. Turns out on Thursday I got an e-mail from Ikea saying that the unit he was looking at was on special - 20%of the purchase price back in Ikea giftcards...JACKPOT!

He ended up doing a fabu job in picking out his new storage system for the office. It's actually a bedroom wardrobe system but we just couldn't resist the space and organizational potential.

These are a few pics from the website:

The unit

He bought a bunch of organizer type things - I'll post pics when it's all done.
These are the doors:

With the gift certificate, he picked this up - I have been wanting it for a few years now...

We have it leaning against the wall in our front entrance and I LOVE IT! It is so big and chunky and totally looks great in the space. Eventually I'd like a long table or a bench and we'll hang it horizontally but for right now it looks great!

What I was REALLY hoping he'd find was this but no such luck...

Saturday we got an early start on the day because we had many errands to run. It was "D" day. We picked up a few new pairs of dress pants, a few shirts and a pair of shoes at Moores. He's going to be a Godfather in two weeks and we want him looking spiffy. Next it was off to Home Depot to find paint for the office.

I was able to help a total strager with her choices but it was much harder and more difficult helping D. He wanted a faily grey tone for the wall sto help with photography colour correction. I suggested it might be nice to have a green or a blue on the walls just to bring in another colour. In the end I said it was his room, his decision. We spent a lot of time choosing and he chuckled about how easy it had been to choose my How simple

In the end we decided on the paint colour with the worst possible name...squirrel. Even the guy mixing the paint thought he read it wrong when he saw it. Squirrel. Yuck.

Fortunately we like the colour...

We then made our way to Place D'Orleans to pick up a few more things for D but we were unsuccessful. We were pleasantly surprised to run into Sharrie and Dylan while in the food court so we ended up having lunch and catching up with them. Dylan has grown SO MUCH. He has the same birthday as our Jeep Liberty - they both turned 5 last week and you know what that means???

N O M O R E P A Y M E N T S ! ! !

Life is good!

Denis spent the afternoon emptying his old office into our spare room and taking everything apart while patching and sanding the walls. The plan was to get at least one coat of paint done yesterday but that didn't happen. At 1 a.m. we were SO CLOSE to starting but I didn't think I'd be able to survive and entire coat so we just called it a night.

While he was busy doing "boy" stuff, I was busy doing my thing in my studio. That included completing 5 pages total! Two double layouts and a single that I had started Friday night. I will post pics later. I'm really REALLY getting tired of working on wedding stuff. I know that sounds horrible but I want to do so many other things and I have so many other ideas but I won't let myself stray from the wedding. I still have at least 150 pics or so to go. Yikes. Will it ever end?

I did exactly the same layout for both double pages yesterday, I just changed the colours and pictures. It is a great layout for getting LOADS of pictures in.

I also worked on another "project" I've given myself...Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy. D picked it up for me this week. We finished Season 3 while at the cottage and I'm determined to watch Grey's this year, for the first time ever, in REAL TIME. That means, I have to get through Season 4 by September 25th. That doesn't leave me with much time considering I'm away all next weekend!

Today I have a glorious "me" day planned. It's off to a great start!

Denis brought me "breakfast in bed" - Tim Horton's no less and he is off on a company golf day. I'm going to get ready, run a few errands and then plunk myself in the studio until late tonight with Grey's in the background and lots of creativity flowing. I plan to spend my day working on layouts to submit to magazines...

Even if nothing gets chosen it's still something fun to do and a way for me to push my creativity while scrapping something OTHER than the wedding!

Just five more sleeps until NAVCAN. Five sleeps!

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday - take a little time to enjoy the fall air. There is nothing like a September afternoon...


Stay funny said...

I'm so happy that you and D are working on D's office! I'm sure it's looking fantastic! Happy also that you had time to create!
wow 5 pages~!!!! Navcan only 3 sleeps!!! Yeahhhhh

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie,
You are a busy girl eh!!! I would love to see your house one day. It sounds beautiful!!!
On a Grey's A. note is there any chance I can borrow season 3 and 4 when you are done. I wouldn't mind getting caught up as well. I always seem to miss an episode here and there. Can't wait for this Thurs. for the new season!!
Also wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your company this weekend. I was great to have you in the group. You are a perfect fit. Looking forward to spending more time together!!
Take care. Suzane