Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday - post 2 - NAVCAN

Ok so last weekend I finally got the chance to head to NavCan. It was a wonderful weekend and I now realise I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Perhaps next time I'll bring Denis along just to be the official photographer!!!

Here are a few random shots

Not quite sure what Rach was doing here...but I couldn't resist!
The lovely Stephanie...

Steph's wicked Bad Girls layout!
The flowers were GORGEOUS...

The fountain - water's warm - jump right in - right Katie???

There were hydrangeas everywhere! Love them!

Ode to Katie

ok - next post! I'm feeling a bit ADHD in my blogging today!!!


Rachel said...

OMG LAURIE... those pics are stunning! Can you PLEASE send them to me in full format.. I really want to scrap those nature ones especially!!! WOW girlie.. you have a knack for photography... JUST GORGEOUS!


Stay funny said...

Thanks for the great pics from navcan!
Love the flower ones... boy ohhh boy does your camera take good picture + you as a photographer! I'm happy that you enjoyed your self and "cheers" to many navcan to come!