Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good vibes for dad and the end of Got Sketch 2

First things first.
My dad is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow. It should be a fairly routine procedure but pre-existing health conditions could make it a bit more serious. He's only have a spinal, not a general anesthetic (my stomach is flipping just thinking about it) so essentially he'll be "awake" through the entire thing. He should be in hospital about five days or so and then he'll be recovering at home. He's in good spirits although a close childhood friend of his is in the final days of his life so he's having a hard time with that.
Please send him lots and lots of healing vibes! He's such a sweetie - I hope it's not too painful for him...

The picture is of him with my nephew Hayden - the two of them are attached at the hip!

Today also marks the last day of Got Sketch 2. I've thoroughly enjoyed the class and I'm sad that it's over. Apparently there will be a Got Sketch 3 in the New Year and I'll likely join that!
Here are my final 3 layouts. I still have 2 left to do - maybe I'll work on those on my Vicki Boutin weekend - who knows.

Here are two layouts using sketch 5

And Sketch 6. I love the story behind this one...
I used pictures from our grand entrance and also our "kids bouquet and garter toss"we threw a stuffed bride and groom to the girls and boys so that they wouldn't catch the bouquet and garter. I practiced with my niece for days, she was SO determined to catch the bride. When I threw it, it landed on the ground and she was the first to have her hands on it but then another little girl swiped it from her. she was DEVASTATED (hence the tears). In the end the other little girl gave the "bride" back to its rightful owner!

Well, I'm off for my final Got Sketch chat.

I have a few more pre-class assignments to finish tomorrow night for my Design Your Life class and I'll post those when they are done!

'night lovelies


Kataroo said...

saying prayers for your daddy. My dad had the same surgery maybe 7 years ago...it went well and his knee is still good. LOVE LOVE LOVE these LO's the drink up one is my fav.

Stay funny said...

Big +++ thoughts for your Dad. I'm sure all will go weel.

Love the last layout... what you did with the ribbon, really cool!

Thanks for the little pep talk today, it was great!

barb said...

Laurie, you do such beautiful work. Wow!