Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Denis just pointed out to me that I hadn't posted in a week...a week? How did that happen?

I guess in my defence we were out in the boonies (the mountains in Quebec) for the long weekend completely cut off from all technology. It was GLORIOUS. I would love to post more about it but to tell you the truth I'm exhauasted and not feeling inspired. We were hard core this weekend and I'm still trying to recover (interpret that as you will)!!!

I did do my first Got Sketch 102 class on Monday night when we got home. I had an AWESOME time. I can't get over how much time I'm spending in the stud
io lately. Thank goodness we created that room.

So here she is...
I'll try my best to get my butt in gear and post more over the weekend. I have Get Sketch 2  class 2 tomorrow night and then I'm doing a Making Memories Passport Tag book class with Steph and the Scrapbox on Friday night...CAN'T WAIT!

night lovelies


Kataroo said...

i love the way you used the pebble clip on the journalling and the lace punch on the strips of PP, awesome LO>

Stay funny said...

So happy that your enjoying your self with your classes on Got Sketch 102. Love your layout and can't wait to see it next time I visit you!

Kataroo said...

just thinking you should submit your work to CK, esp 2page LO's, you fit their style very well. GO FOR IT!!