Monday, April 20, 2009

I love my girls...

Hi lovelies. I'm home from yet another A M A Z I N G weekend with Chris and Cawi. They seriously did not disappoint. We took Kitchener by storm... Scrapfest was equally A M A Z I N G.

I absolutely LOVED the photography and simple design classes given by Kathy Thompson. She is an incredible teacher and something about her teaching style TOTALLY clicked with me in a way I've never felt. She's also a darn sweet and fun person.

As usual Vicki's class was a blast. I loved seeing Mama Sheila again. We had many laughs and made some new memories.

I have to admit though four days is a long time to be away from my incredible man. He greeted me in the garage with a bunch of orange tulips...MY FAVE. It's so nice to be back in his arms...

I will be posting pics in the next day or two (hopefully). It's going to be yet another busy week because on Friday I'm off to Navcan for yet another scrapbooking weekend away.

I've missed you lovelies. It's great to be back in blog world. 'night

ETA - I saw some of Chris' pictures tonight on flickr and I couldn't resist uploading them. She caught some fantastic moments. I know I'm posting quite a few pictures of myself. I couldn't resist. I don't generally like pictures of myself but she caught something in me this weekend and I have to admit - I REALLY like these ones...Can you tell how happy I am when I'm around my girls? Even D found I was glowing when I got home!!!

This is hilarious - apparently Kathy and I were both rather perplexed!!!

My new fave pic of me. Chrissy you are ROCKING the photography girl :)
AND HOW COOL IS THIS SHOT - love the sky and tree...

My Cawi girl...No wait...THIS is my Cawi girl. Showing her true colours :)

Can I get any happier???

Miss Vicki

Another Cawi pic...she gives the best hugs. Seriously. I gave her this really big hug the other day when I needed energy and I LITERALLY felt the energy flowing into me. She said she was doing Reiki (but I didn't know it at the time)...

Sweet Sweet Mama Shiela...I heart her...I think she ROCKS the B O A
We survived another Vicki class...

Are these girls beauties or what???
Group shot with our fabulous teachers Vicki and Kathy and another Scrapfest teacher (name escapes me right now)...


KathyT said...

Laurie!! It was so much fun meeting you, the three of you! Loved the boas, and your energy and that you took both my classes :) Thank you for the kind words, love that you guys captured such fun pics, I might 'borrow' one for my blog if that's ok!!

Kataroo said...

You CAN see how HAPPY you were in thesepics, BEAUTIFUL you are girl. Wow looks super fun. Love what you said about the photography class.

Dorrie said...

Laurie.. youlook so happy... Love that you took Kathy's class.. all I evenknow about a camera is because I have taken a couple of her classes... I heart her too!
Can't wait to hear all the fun stories..
Missed ya!
(We had fun with Donna Downey too this weekend!) I now love fabric.. who frickin' knew?!?! 'LOL
Love ya girlie.. chat soon,

Katie Paterson said...

Oh So jealous you made it to scrapfest girl! Looks like you had fun! See you in June right? at Tomorrow's Treasure's?

Anonymous said...

You look lovely Laurie. I love your pics. Gosh that's a lot of scrapping weekends girlie!! You might have to slow down~!!! LOL
NOT~!!!!! Sorry I will miss seeing you this weekend and laughing with you. Have a blast and I want to hear all about it!!! Who's swimming in the fountain this time!!!! LOL

Suzane said...

Hey! Thanks for letting me join in your photo! It was great to meet you and hope that you might consider my class next time 'round!
Tracey Paul