Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Easter Bunny works for Apple...

Hello lovelies!
Easter came early in our household this year...

The easter bunny brough me an Apple Macbook Pro!!!

My old laptop has been around the world a few times and is quickly going kaput! I get battery warnings and it's not powerful enough to be doing everything we need it to do for the photography business...

So, we bit the bullet and picked up matching Macbook Pros (yep, D got one too) and a 24" screen for me - perfect for photo editing!

Here are some pictures...I'm off to play with our new toys!!! Denis is patiently waiting for me to open my box.

Happy Easter everyone!!!

This is what my set up will look like (I also got the wireless keyboard and mouse)

The keyboard is backlit so I can even see the keys in the dark!

I'm FINALLY a Mac owner!!! Now I can ichat with Katie and Rach!!!


Kataroo said...

Sweet Sweet Sweet....can your Easter Bunny come visit me :) LOL That beats some nasty choc late any day!!

Oh and I expect some serious photo editing this weekend now :) LOL

Stay Funny said...

wow That's great!
Enjoy your new toys and have a great w-end!

Rachel said...

Welcome to the addiction sweets... you're gonna love it!!!!!!!!!