Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scrapfest Recap and Navcan

Hi lovelies!

*before I forget the lovely teacher in my last blog whose name I couldn't remember is Tracey Paul! We are so rocking her class at the next Scrapfest - she made AMAZING clay embellishments...*

So I'm totally supposed to be packing for Navcan but I hate packing more than you can imagine so instead I'm procrastinating. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm mostly packed and I seem to have mastered the art in minimizing my scrapbooking supplies. It really is quite amazing. I can't be bothered lugging a ton of stuff around anymore.

And after Kathy's class last week I'm learning that you can have a page with a lot of punch and very little supplies. Yikes. If that's the case it'll take me roughly 27 years to use my stash. 

So I'm hitting the road tomorrow afternoon and setting the GPS to the NAVCAN conference centre in Cornwall. I'm spending the weekend with a great bunch of girls. I suspect there may be some crazy times on the horizon but there is a cute soldier or two to keep us (and by us I mean Rach) in line!

Let's all send healing vibes to Katie's little sweetie Kayleigh so Katie can enjoy her weekend and not have to worry about little girls with sore tummies...

I made this video last night while playing on my Mac. I'll warn you - some of the images may be disturbing to young children or mothers. Not all mothers. Specifically my mother. Sorry mom. Chris and Cawi made me do it. All of it...

I felt so emotional last night while making this video. It's incredible how much I miss my girls already. They are more than friends, they are sisters to me. They are also beautiful, wonderful women...

have a great weekend lovelies

see you on the flip side!


Kataroo said...

I love the video!!! s did you finish packing?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful video Laurie!!! You as well, are a beautiful woman and I will miss sharing NavCan with you this weekend!! Hope you have a blast!!!

Dorrie said...

Loved the video... so much fun...can't wait to see you next weekend!!