Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am not busy enough...

Hello October!

We sure got off to a rocky start this morning but now you seem to have redeemed yourself and I can enjoy your bright colours and sweet smells once again.

First things first...

Dad's surgery went really well. My mom said it was such a difference seeing him after surgery when he hadn't been put under - his head is definitely much clearer. Apparently he claimed he could hear them hammering and drilling (sounds more like a construction site than an operating room) but he was able to doze. My stomach did flip flops just hearing those words, I can't imagine actually being awake through it.

In true dad style he was already teasing the nurses by the time he got to his room pretending to "demand" his supper but only IV was allowed for today. They have him on one heck of a pain management regiment, basically he will be feeling no pain.

I picked up a few more little things for my class at The Scrapbox on my way home and saw miss Stephanie!!!

I spent some time working on my pre-class assignment tonight as well. I just have one more little square to print off and I'm done. I'll post pictures in the next day or two. I have to say it was a bit out of my comfort zone - particularly the, green and brown. Very earthy.

Class officially starts tomorrow - EEK. I'm both excited and nervous. The sheer number of assignments seems a bit daunting. I'm sure it'll be fine. I just wish that all of my supplies had arrived. Some were shipped today and hopefully the rest will arrive within the next week.

And then, miss Katie tipped me off on another class - because I don't have enough on my plate right now. But this class will be much shorter than Design Your Life and something completely different. It's a BLOG class! So stay tuned lovelies - you may be seeing some changes around here!

It's called Bling Out Your Blog with Kimberly Brimhall - how perfect is that? There is the word BLING in the title!!!

Here is her blog
So if I'm being *honest* here I'm REALLY tempted to go with Typepad. I've been tempted for a while. Then again I'd lose all my links and have to start from scratch and have to pay $$$. Maybe I'll stick with blogger.
Well, I should get some sleep. The next few days are going to be busy ones for us. Company's coming...
'night lovelies


Kataroo said...

so glad to hear you Dad is doing well :) I knew the word BLING would get you :) :) hehehe

Rachel said...

So glad to hear that your Dad's surgery went well sweetie... I really love reading your blog!!