Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why so late?

Why is it that I always leave posting until at least 10:30 at night? I have an ENTIRE evening to post but no, I have to leave it until the time when I should be going to bed.
Our entire night tonight was a bit "off" because we were supposed to meet Whitney for supper but he got tied up in meetings so that threw us of. We had sunflower seeds and a few minature ginger cookies for supper - isn't being an adult great? I managed to start some of the packing for the cottage - all the important stuff - board games, books, magazines and popcorn! It's going to be a great weekend!
I had this overwhelming urge to create tonight so I put the packing aside and worked on a layout. I'm actually doing a double layout and I"m about 90% done the first page. I like it. It's quite simple but I still like it. I really need to work on adding more embellishments. Or not.
What I REALLY need to work on is remembering I'm doing this for me. For us (Denis and I). So if a page is simple, no biggie.
As promised, here are some projects I did over the weekend.
First a birthday card for my dad (mom, if you are reading, don't show dad ok?).
It's a simple card for a simple guy. I had fun making it!

Next I created two quick books for my niece and nephew. They sent us so many fun anniversary treats that I wanted to create something for them. They LOVE the scrapbooks I made for them and I think they'll like these too!

The first is for Hayden...

Cuz he's a cool dude...
I didn't have very many recent pictures printed of them.
He has ALWAYS loved his thumb (even now at 6 he loves his thumb)...

I made the tags pretty simple

I did add "flair" though - got a bunch at Target for 1 buck!

And here is Miss Rylee's...

Her cover says "you make me smile" because she does ;)

Here she is with Miss Ayla

She LOVES this picture because the card made her laugh. It says "you're not old until the fat lady sings" and when you open it up there is the sound of an opera singer. She laughed FOR HOURS over that card. Over and over and over. And I egged her on the entire time like a good Tia should!

She got all dolled up in mom's red hat society gear...

A view of the book...

Rylee's tags - I told her the panda was sending her hugs from Ottawa...

And the last two tags

Well, I"m off to bed. D is still on the phone with my mom. He's been helping her with some major computer issues for SEVERAL hours this week...I was teasing him that he qualifies for some "super son-in-law" award!!! Ha ha.

Night lovelies!


Stay funny said...

Your "mini's" are really amazing! I'm sure that your niece and nephew will really enjoy them! Love the card for your dad too!

Kataroo said...

i love the GOT THUMB!!! Must borrow that :) LOL