Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Celebrating Vi...

Denis and I had the priveledge of attending a very special birthday party yesterday...a dear friend of ours was celebrating her 90th birthday.

Bill and Vi have been good friends of my grandparents for many years. When my grandfather first immigrated to Canada they "vouched" for him so he could get an apartment and eventually bring his young family over from Germany.

When I moved to Ottawa 10 years ago to attend school, Bill and Vi graciously allowed me to live with them until I could find my own apartment. When I got up each morning a full spread breakfast was waiting on the table for me and they just spoiled me rotten! I was treated like royalty and it made it very hard to leave!!!

With our busy lives we don't get to see them nearly enough but all of our time spent with them is precious.

D and I both decided to take our cameras with us and I'm so glad we did. Unfortunately my pictures turned out rather blurry (most of them) but Denis got some wonderful shots including a family portrait...

Here are some of our favourites...


Talking with one of Vi's bridge buddies

Bill spent the day getting kissed - rough day at the office!

Lotta (Vi's daughter) reading a letter to Vi from the Governor General


I love the pictures of them dancing - the youngest couple I know!

Hunky hubby

Vi dancing with her son Peter

And here are Denis'

Vi and her golf friends

Bill and I

Vi and her dance instructor

Bill way back when...

Vi way back when...

piano man...
Bill and Linda (daughter in law)

these were the centrepieces...I won one!

Gary and Bill (father and son)

father-daughter dance
Harasym family dancers
Vi and her son Peter
Bill and Vi

the four of us...

the whole gang!!! and everyone looks great!
Gary, Kathy and Bill

OK - I need to tell you - as I'm typing this, Denis has an industrial strength DeWalt spotlight on my foot - trying to find a very tiny piece of glass from a Christmas ball that I stepped's not pretty! It hurts and I think I can still feel it but it's so tiny we can't even see it...BOY DOES IT HURT!!!
I asked D if he'll do a photo shoot of our Christmas decorations tomorrow and he said yes! The house is DONE. I've even put some fun stuff on the dining room table. Feels great!!!
ok 'night lovelies...


Kataroo said...

These are FANTASTIC I felt like I was there man.

Stay funny said...

What an amazing celabration!
Great pictures of the event.

You are so photogenic.... you look amazing!

Congrats on the center piece!

Big hugs from here and can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Rachel said...

WOW L... what a celebration there. and what an amazing group.. it looks like they are truly loved by many! What a fantastic memory they'll have there!