Thursday, November 27, 2008

I really should...

Be doing this:

But instead I'm doing this:

Yes. It's called procrastinationville and I'm the queen. Here is my crown

Ok enough slacking, off I go!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Ciao lovelies


Anonymous said...

hey! so i know you are on your way to Toronto for the the post. not sure if you knew-but open page wholesalers in Mississauga is having a huge blowout warehouse sale...if your interested or in the area. figured you might want to check it out! have fun!

Stay funny said...

ohhhhhhhhhh you should go!!! if you can! That's where we went when I went with the store!

Enjoy your w-end, drive safe, have tones of fun.... take lots of pictures.... play hard like a Rockstar Diva....and sleep well like a princess!

Can't wait to read your update on Monday!

Big hugs

Kataroo said...

and????????? Are you still alive how did it go?