Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One of those great days...

I just have to say I'm in the greatest mood right now. It's been such an awesome 24 hours and for no extraordinary reason. I love those kind of days...

Last night the peeps and I hit Supperworks again and boy oh boy did we take that place by storm. I think some of the patrons may find our fun a bit annoying but the staff LOVES us! One of them actually said "I hope I'm working the next time you come in" - someone who WANTS to work? We must REALLY be entertaining.

I think Katie should be the new poster child for Supperworks. Whenever I describe the joint to someone I always mention just how CLEAN it is. I hope Katie won't kill me for telling this story because it's too funny not to share...

We were all standing around doing our thing when all of a sudden some of Katie's meat goes flying and hits the floor. Without missing a beat she bent down and picked the meat up and threw it back into her bag. We errupted in laughter. It was classic. Even the girl working lost it!

Mama Jan (she's really Rach's mama but I like to pretend she's my surrogate Ottawa mama now) also joined us. She did something incredibly special for me. She rubbed my breasts. My chicken breasts. I tried. I got through the first 5 with only minor gagging and lots of screaming. Jan offered to take over...I HEART MAMA JAN FOR THAT!

What else am I happy about???

Christmas music. Lots and lots of cheesy Christmas music on the ipod at work. I discovered new tunes on there that I have NO IDEA where they came from. They are like dancy and cheezey and I was waiting for the Very Merry Disney Parade to come marching through my office or something!

My buddy Gi Gi from work took me out for Vietnamese (YUM) at lunch to celebrate my birthday. How fun is that?

I got to talk to both mom and dad tonight on the phone and we had a nice chat and some good laughs.

And last but certainly not least my hunka hunka burning love is HOME. I have missed him so much in just the three days he's been gone. I wasn't expecting him until much later tonight but he was already home by the time I got home from work. Sweetness. I think we've given eachother about a hundred hugs and kisses in the last two hours as we made supper. He's got a fire going so we're just vegging out and listening to the crackle...ahhhh goodness.

I saw this on Miss Vicki's blog today and thought it was pretty cute. Check it out for yourself...

The Recipe For Laurie

3 parts Charisma

2 parts Tease

1 part Delight

Splash of Craftiness

Finish off with an olive

Ok so I'm RATHER DISAPPOINTED. I just realized that every time you click on it it changes your personality! Darn!!! I liked the very first one I got the best and now I can't seem to get it back. BOOOOOOO

Well lovelies I must love you and leave you. Hunky hubby is waiting...

'night all

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Kataroo said...

It makes me happy that you are so happy :)