Monday, November 17, 2008

One great birthday weekend...

hello lovelies
I'm all snuggled in for the evening under a blanket with some warm tea. Boy...have I gotten old. A few years ago the only tea I'd be drinking on my birthday would be a long island iced tea...FOR BREAKFAST!
I have had yet another wonderful birthday. The festivities started on Friday night much to my surprise.
I had signed up for an all night crop at the store with Janet and Steph. Steph was our hostess with the mostess. I have to admit, I've lost my scrappin mojo. I have so little time and energy for it right now with everything else we've been up to and all the decorating that I find it hard to sit down and get down to work.
I got VERY LITTLE done!

I did have a great time though. Janet and Krista kept me laughing all night long. Krista was so flippin highly productive I wanted to start passing my stuff down to her to do!

Shortly after midnight the lights suddently went out and all the ladies around the table pulled out little plastic tiaras and noise makers. I was given a "queen" crown and a super duper fluffy pink cupcake cake made it's entrance while the girls sang happy birthday. It was such a great surprise and "me."

Speaking of surprises...
I knew Denis had something up his sleeve for my birthday because he asked for my friends' contact info. While we were chillin on Friday night Janet casually asked what we were up to for my birthday. I said "oh, that's right, I guess I'll see you at my party tomorrow night." Janet said "you know about it" and I replied "I didn't know FOR SURE but now I do!!!!!!"
He he, sneaky.

Then Steph made a comment to the effect of "so you know we're coming over to your place tomorrow." Once again I said "well I didn't but now I do!!!"

Ha ha. I had a good chuckle.

I didn't last quite as late as I thought I would and by 2 or so Janet and I were packing up and heading out.

I wasn't able to sleep when I got home so D and I ended up talking for about an hour or so. That just ROYALLY threw off my schedule. I suggested we might want to tidy up the house since we were having people over - I just can't let go!

Saturday morning my WONDERFUL man let me catch up on sleep while he straightened up. We got dressed and fed and made our way to the photography show for a few hours. I have to be honest, I wasn't as into it this year as last year. I think my pure exhaustion from lack of solid sleep had something to do with it too. I ended up taking a nap in the car while Denis attended the final workshop because I wanted to be on top of my "game" for the evening.

We made our way home and Mom Turpin, Tante Lise and Uncle Phil were already here. Shortly after others started arriving. Unfortunately most of my friends already had plans so we were an intimate but still GREAT crew. Stephanie and Stephane (big surprise he was supposed to be hunting) joined us!!!

It was a mellow night with drinks and finger foods, delicous chocolate cake, lots of laughs and some presents!

My D spoiled me rotten as usual and I finally have the much coveted SLICE BY MAKING MEMORIES!!!

We've already played with it a few times and can I just say I LOVE IT!!!

He also got me the Clip it up with a bunch of accessories - it's going to keep me organized!!!

Here are some pictures of the crew...
Me on Rockstar...notice the tiara - from Friday night

Blowing out the candles - it feels great to be 6!

i LOVE that the cake says Diva Loca - D is too cute...

Bryan (with a "y") he needs you to know that...

Bryan's girlfriend Kim - she's a keeper!

Uncle Phil




Tante Lise

Mom Turpin

Opening a big bag of scrappin treats from Steph squared...

Don't they look fascinated by all of the scrapbookin' gear??

Rockstar makes my crown go wonky...

Are they cute or what?

Doesn't he look thrilled about having his picture taken again!!!

Well I should get showered and make my way to bed. Once again D is hunting and I can't sleep beside my teddy bear beside me. I have to get into work early because I'm off to Supperworks with the girls again tomorrow night and this time we're bringing Rach's sweet mama Jan. I heart Jan...she's like the female version of my dad...

Night lovelies

Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes and for making this yet another memorable year. I look forward to many more memories...

'night lovelies


Stay funny said...

What a wonderful time we had Saturday to celebrate your b-day! All was just perfect! So happy that Stephane was able to be my date!

mmmmmmmm that picture of Stephane rolling his eyes made me laugh so much.....

Love our picture infront of the big tree near the ramp!!!! LOVE IT!
Ohhhhhh this will be the one for our Xmas cards! Thanks D!!!!

Stay funny said...

ps... it was also really great spending some time with you Firday night at the crop, even if it was only at the end of the night/morning!

one and one + two said...

So cool that you were given the Slice - I just finally saw a demo of it the other day!

Are you going to the Donna Downey event in Smiths Falls in April? It is selling out quickly...

Kataroo said...

beautiful pictures!! Happy Birthday again :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again!! Glad you had fun at your "surprise" party!!! Nice gift by the way!!!


Closet Artist said...

Happy birthday to you and your hubby rocked it with the fab gifts!!! He's a keeper!

vicki boutin said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Looks like it was a good one! :)

I want a piece of that Slice!