Wednesday, November 5, 2008

just a quickie... sickos!!!

D will be arriving home in the new little while from 4 days in the forest. I sooo can't wait to see him. It's weird not having him around.

I've cleaned up the house and I'm working on laundry so when he gets home we can just chill and catch up on our week.

I still haven't been working on my Design Your Life class - maybe this weekend. With D away I haven't been sleeping well - I miss having him beside me - so my evenings have been a bit of a write off.

This weekend it time to get the old butt in gear. The next month or so is going to be TOTALLY CRAZY and I'm very excited about many of the things I've got on the horizon...including a girls' weekend with Chris and Cawi in Toronto...SO CAN'T WAIT!

I actually managed to catch up with Jodi on the phone last night. It was amazing. We used to spend hours every week on the phone now it's more like a call every month or two but it's so cool how we slip into our groove so quickly. Jodi rocks!!!

Ok, must switch laundry and shower so I'm not all stinky for my "manly man."

'night lovelies


Kataroo said...

glad to see one of you updated your damn blog! LOL

PS your enjoy your reunion with D

Stay funny said...

Second to Katie's comment!!!

Hope your reunion with D was perfect like you wanted it! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Pssssstttt Make sure to pop by on my blog... espacially made thinking of you.... my dear "heidi lover"!

Anonymous said...

Yeah come on girls, keep your blogs updated!!! LOL!!! Here I am in bed sick and I check them twice a day!!!LOL!!!!!!
Glad your man is back!!! I can see you two are so in love!! And it's still like that for us after 22 yrs. My man is gone on a fishing trip for the week but my momma is here to help me. Can't wait to see his smiling face though!!!

Have a nice weekend Laurie!! When I am better I would love to get together.