Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like... read that right. It's NOVEMBER and November means it's NEARLY CHRISTMAS!!!
time to decorate.
First things first. we had a wonderful last day of October aka HALLOWEEN. Denis did such a great job decorating as he does every year. It was so cool to have so many kids AND parents saying "your house looks great." Yes yes, I know, you want pictures. So do I. They are on D's camera unfortunately and that generally means I'll be seeing them sometime around Valentine's day!!!
I'm not sure who had more fun, D and I or the kids! We had a seriously great time. The "beverages" in the Frankenstein cups may have had something to do with that! We had fun hanging out with our neighbour Darren too. He's seriously hilarious. It was rather amusing watching him calling his 14 year old daughter every 10 or so minutes to remind her of her curfew! ha. It's pretty hard to get into trouble with dad calling so often.
My only regret is that we didn't have enough bags made up for all of the kids we got. I had to resort to plain old chocolate bars and apologized to all of the kids while handing them out explaining that I was not cheap, just nearly out of candy!
Saturday was a busy day doing a few errands and getting stuff done around the house. D pulled out the big Christmas tree for me to get started on!!! So exciting. As I watched the Bombers play a seriously amazing game of football I seperated all of the branches on our 9 foot tree. I LOVE THAT TREE.
I plan on working on more decorating over the new few days while D is out hunting. I think we may need to find a new white tree though. The lights don't seem to be working - that's what you get for buying a Martha Stewart Christmas tree. Oh well. Live and learn.
D did pick up new LED lights for outside and put them up yesterday before it gets too cold.
Today was spent getting ready for the annual "hunt." I did a bit of cleaning and made D a hearty breakfast and some great coffee to get his batteries charged. He had lots of errands to do while I worked around here and baked more of those Heidi Swapp cookies to send along as a "thank you" for Moe and Connie for letting him stay at their place during the hunt. Connie always spoils the boys with her multi-course lavish meals. I figured some cookies and a bottle of wine was the least we could do.
So there you have it. One busy weekend passing from one season to another.
D packed up his Jeep this evening and he's off for the next few days. I know he loves hunting and I'm excited for him to have some time with his friends. And this year he's extra excited because he has all new hunting gear so he'll actually stay warm and not have to wear a large, heavy battery on his back.
Yes, that's right. A few years ago he was tired of being cold so he ran a bunch of wires through a vest and plugged the wires into a large battery (think like a car battery - I think that's what it was). So in the bush he's hook it up and that's how he'd stay warm. Very resourceful but all that weight is a bit hard on the back! Now he's got a much easier and more practical solution - warm waterproof clothing...go figure!
Oh...I need your help with something. I've decided that the funky green ornaments that Janet got me last year for Christmas are going on our Turpin tree and I'm going to decorate the pink feather boa tree from Lynn with pink and black ornaments and put it in my studio. So here's where you come in...
If you see any funky pink or black ornaments PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know ok? I want it to be very oh la la tres chic ok?
'night lovelies!
(i'm having spacing issues with my blog tonight fyi...hopefully this all gets worked out)


Dorrie's Blog said...

Seriously??? Christmas trees?? Decorations?
Put down the Frankenstein cup lady and chill !! We have 2 boys with bdays iin december, the last one is the 16th...then the tree goes up...then it comes down the week after...
You are very cute though for thinking about Christmas this early... very cute I do say.....

Stay funny said...

Can't wait to see it!!!! Happy you had a great w-end with hubby! Here it was organizing time w/Katie, we had a blast! Have a super week!

Kataroo said...

you so have me in the MOOD :) wink wink

Tanya said...

wow already..I annot wait to see pics of all your trees. I must admit though I am super excited about decorating in the new house this year though it will have to wait until beginning of Dec.

Mellisa said...

Thats too funny. I can just picture a man walking around with a car battery on his back. LOL Hope the hunting gods are with him.

Less than 2 months til Christmas ... Eeeek!

Louise Dubord said...

Ok - You got me hooked. I can't stop thinking about your PINK FEATHER BOA TREE. Where can I get one? I researched them on the Internet, and the only ones that looked nice were 2 feet high and about $300 for 12! A couple would be OK, but I am not decorating a store! I happened on your blog from a link on the Scrapbox blog. I live in the Ottawa area. Please help me, so I can focus my dreams on my next new passion!