Saturday, August 2, 2008

Girls - get your credit cards ready, it's time to shop!

Ok girls!

Break out the credit cards and get ready to shop!  Head right over to the Scrap in Style boutique for a MAJOR sale.  They have lots of fun yummies in their basement clearance.  I just went crazy and only paid $25 in shipping (to Canada - I think shipping to the States may be free).  The shipping costs were well worth my money because I got a few things that are original to SIS and won't be finding at my local Michael's - what a treat!

I wanted to save a few pictures of the goodies I got but images are copyrighted...sorry chickies!

Ok - my internet time is going to be limited for the rest of the weekend as we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.  Our actual anniversary isn't until Wednesday but we typically celebrate this weekend.

We've had a great start so far - we made an Italian supper with wine last night as we watched the football game (I know, how romantic).

Today, breakfast in bed (Tim Hortons - I got to choose), bath, then off for a surprise afternoon, a picnic at the park on the beach (or maybe out of the back of our Jeep so we can drink our wine) and finally FIREWORKS!  We're both taking our cameras so there will be many pictures I'm sure.  

Have a wonderful day lovelies and a great long weekend for all of you who actually get Monday off (I'm not one of the lucky ones unfortunately).

Ciao bella!

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