Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Meli Melo

You know what today is? It's day 1 of our fourth year of married life!!! It's crazy that after three full years I still feel like a newlywed. I guess that's a good sign.

This post will be a bit all over the place - hence the name MELI MELO (it means bits and bites in French)!

For starters, something crafty. I managed to make a quick anniversary card for the D-man the other night.

My favourite part of this card is the way the "happy" stands out. It captures how I feel when I'm with him...happy.

Another thing that makes me happy is the surprises we got in the mail this week! My niece and nephew, Rylee and Hayden, each sent us an envelope of treats.

There were bookmarks...

Cards (and even a Lush postcard courtesy of Rylee - letter and all!)...
I love how lines don't matter to kids. I wish I could write like that when I'm translating rather than having to worry about things like "hard spaces"...

This was from Hayden. I'm hoping it's "hi t" for "tia" instead of "hit" as in "i want to hit you"!!!

And last but certainly not least there were pictures...I only get to see the kids once or twice a year if I'm lucky so I cherish pictures of them. I can't believe how much they've changed. Hayden is 6 and Rylee just turned 8.

This first picture is of Hayden's boots. He is a 6 year old fashionista that boy and he LOVES cowboy boots. (sorry about the picture quality - it's late, quick pics, no editing).

Here is a picture of each of them. Rylee just got her hair cut short - too adorable - really suits her! And Hayden continues to spike his hair like "shark boy"

Now for the pretzel part of our Meli Melo (cuz that's the part I always leave to the end)...

I picked up D from work today with an alterior motive...I needed him to be my coupon pimp at Michaels. You see, when I was there last week, there were double coupons in the flyers. I managed to score SEVERAL flyers so now I need to use those babies up!

Turns out it was a good thing I picked him up because it was POURING rain (what else is new)...

First we stopped at Winners to check out some pink and green damask containers Sharrie was telling me about. Turns out they are the same ones I already have in my studio. They were so pretty in all their pink and green loveliness but alas, I left them on the shelf. I'm sticking with the black and white damask theme.

I did find this in the scrapbooking section - it's a journal that matches my room PERFECTLY. I've decided to use it for sketch ideas and such.

I also scored some Christmas paper. I generally don't buy stacks anymore but I figure it's always nice to have Christmas paper on hand.

The best part was the price, can't go wrong!

We made our way to Michaels and picked up a few things. Denis used "his"coupon for a versamark pad - I've decided that after nearly 3 years of scrapbooking it's time to get into embossing. I picked up the rest - pink bling (go figure) Making Memories tags and Making Memories chipboard letters from the Passport Collection. They were just putting stuff out. I'm hoping to go back tomorrow (with my paper pimp) and pick up a few other goodies!

Ok, poor Denis is trying to sleep beside me so I better sign off before I don't make it to 3 years and 2 days of marriage!

Night lovlies



Stay funny said...

Love the card you made for D! And the kiddos are so cute making you cards and book marks and their pictures too!!! Happy you found good things at winners and Micheals! See ya tomorrow!!!

Kataroo said...

ooooh tooo llazy to look up your email LOL, have you checked out her new website is up and she is going to have a dgital line and did you see the clear albums...I was so thinking of you when I saw this.