Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I completed my first assignment even though class doesn't start until next week!  If real school was like this I would have gotten straight As!!!

All I could think about all day was getting home to work on my challenge layout. 

I wasn't sure which pictures I was going to use but when I got home, there they were, sitting on my desk just waiting to be used!

So I already broke my own "rules" for the first challenge - I said I was going to scrap something other than wedding pictures and I said I would end up using colours other than pink and green.

Well... so much for that!

But in my defence one of the "challenges" for our layout was to use pink, green and aqua.  hmmm....that's a tough one for me!

I am totally THRILLED with how my layout turned out.  It took a while, it didn't flow right away. I tried SO MANY different embellishments. I had planned on doing lots and lots of layering but ended up just keeping it simple.

I ADORE these pictures of Jodi and I. My mind was full of memories as I did this page - that was half the fun of it!

For part of the time I worked on it I was multitasking...I was also participating in the chat room for Got Sketch. That was something new for me and I really enjoyed it.  I had no clue what to expect - at first I thought it would be very structured but it turned out to be fun fun fun!

So here she is - my very first layout for the class...

I called it double trouble because that's exactly what Jodi and I are when we are together and there are several boys, bars and even a few basements to prove it!

Well, I was going to post more pictures from projects I did for my family this weekend but it's late and I really should get to bed. I'll try and get to it tomorrow.

Happy creating and 'night lovelies!


Stay funny said...

Love it!!!! lots of yummy embellies on that page + JOURNALING!!!! Whoooooo la!

The Shoup Family said...

Isn't that such a thrill to get home so you can scrap?! Too cute.. thanks for the inspiration!!