Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'd marry him all over again!

We had such a great day celebrating our anniversary yesterday!  

It started off with breakfast in bed and then we headed to our local spa where Denis had made us an appointment for a couple's manicure and pedicure!  HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Excellent decision.

We relaxed all afternoon while being pampered.  I chose a "reverse" pink and black French manicure theme for my toes.  The poor girl looked at me like I had totally lost it.  When she finished she totally loved it and said she'd being doing the same to her toes!  Something different and fun.  This is what it looks like (all I kept thinking was that it matches my scrap room perfectly ;))  The only thing missing is a little bling in the corners - I asked, she didn't have any.  I think I'll take my own bling next time!  I went with silver on my fingernails.  I couldn't decide for the longest time.  I finally picked out a nice soft pink (totally matched the room) but then changed to silver at the last minute.  I was expecting more of a charcoal or deep silver.  I ended up with "93 year old" silver.  Oh well, live and learn.  I may go back for Denis' birthday - we have a big night out planned so it would be worth it.

We then made our way to Lac Lemay for the fireworks.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate so most of our picnic and evening was spent on a futon mattress in the back of the Jeep!  Poor Denis was so antsy but I was just chilled and enjoying it!  

The rain literally stopped about 3 minutes before the fireworks began...THANK GOODNESS!  Team Russia was up...I had NO IDEA how very long their national anthem is.  It felt like at least 23 minutes ha ha.

They did a wonderful job with the fireworks, great choice of music, all around wonderful evening.  The only problem was that there was no wind at all so there was TONS of smoke in the sky so at times all we saw was smoke with a few little sparks of colour behind it.  I hope there is more wind and less humidity next week when we head back.

We are just on our way out the door now headed to Red Bull Flutag (I think that's what it's called) and then to Mom Turpin's for supper to see Jen, Bob and the kids!  I was having a good hair day so I got Denis to take a picture.  Unfortunately it doesn't look AS GOOD in the picture but oh well.  I pulled out my straightening iron again now that my hair is getting longer!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh how could I forget???

Something very exciting happened yesterday morning.  CELINE NAVARRO left me a comment that she thought my pages were cool!  HOW COOL IS THAT?  She's all the way in Paris - oh, I love Paris!  

Ok, I'm checking out.  Denis has my shirt drying on a rack with the blow dryer blowing air on it!  That guy comes up with the funniest "solutions"

Have a great one lovlies, 



Kataroo said...

love love the mani...I did clear and black trim in St. Lucia and they thought I was on crack..I told them it was all the rage in they knew where that was. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Don't you just wish you could walk out of bed looking like that :)

Happy Anniversary!!!

celine navarro said...

hehehe you're cute! :)

bue hey! I'm not even in Paris : I am in the South of France, baby! :D right on the Riviera, hon!



Kataroo said...

OMG!! I can't believe the awesome uber talented Celine has been on your jealous!!

Stay funny said...

so happy you had a marvelous day!!! What a perfect day that D planned for you!!! Love it! So happy the rain stopped! We were rained out during the race! hope you had a good day today! Back home tomorrow... will give you a call! Ohhhhhh and super cool 2 comments now from Celine!

Lindsey said...

So glad you got married cuz if you didn't then I would have never met you :-) Can't believe you and I are about to celebrate our 3rd year of meeting for the greatest vacation/honeymoon EVER!! Miss you bunched...