Thursday, October 23, 2008

Design Your Life Week I Dunno and Supperworks...

ha! I said I was going to do one quick post and here I am onto post number two...
I had to offload my memory card so I have lots and lots of room for pics this weekend so I decided to do a quick post because I knew it was now or never!
Katie and Rach yes I will get you copies of pics...just keep reminding me

Ok. First things first. Have I mentioned just how far behind I am on my Design Your Life Class? Nearly done week one and week four assignments were sent out today. YIKES! I will get caught up this weekend. That is my goal.
In the meantime here is a layout I did on symetry (I think - I honestly can't even remember)...

And here are a bunch of Supperworks pics. I seriously don't have time to write so I will say we had an absolute blast together. I think the girls were quite impressed with the entire experience. The three of us shut the place down and totally had the staff in stiches with some very inappropriate chatter...check out the brown grave 'Nuf said! As if there was ever any doubt with Katie around!!!

massaging the meat...

Rach REALLY focussed...

I LOVE this picture of Katie. So simple and it captures her natural the same time you can tell she's trying to think of what sort of trouble she can get into!

Kitchen Kung Fu Katie!

Ok. If you can believe this I am ALL PACKED! I managed to keep it down to only two totes and my shoulder bag CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? And that's with my tool kit and my Design Your Life binder taking up most of one of the totes! This is totally unheard of for me.
I also managed to pack my clothes into a small duffle bag. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
Now I haven't walked out the door just yet so who knows what else will end up being added before I go!
It's been a busy night but I managed to get it all done so in the morning I just have to pop it into the Jeep, head to Wal-mart to pick up pictures and I'm on my way to see Grandmaman!!!
I'm looking forward to posting all about it next week.
In closing I'd like to give a shout out to Suzanne...
She reads this regularly and is always sweet and leaves a comment. Unfortunately I'm not as "sweet" at getting back to her. You need a blog Suzanne so I can come and leave you a comment in response to your comments!
Everybody wave to Suzanne and send her lots of good vibes!
Denis is just printing up my Diva Loca cards (with e-mail and blog addresses) so I have to cut those before we can head to bed.
Once again have a great weekend lovelies!


Stay funny said...

hooooooooo my! you girls look like you had the best time ever!!!! Ohhh and love the crazy pics of Katie!!!! Love htat shirt too! Resembles the one that I will add in my collection soon!!! :) Next time that you girls go I will for sure join the fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking of me Laurie~~~
I am very computer illiterate so sorry you won't see a blog from me. But I love to receive emails (send them to Hey let me know next time you do the supperworks thing so I can join you. You were telling me about this at NavCan. Love your pics. You girls look like you are having a blast!! You are all crazy girls and I love your spirit of life. As soon as I can get rid of my pain I will join you in that spirit. would love to get together for a visit with you all!


Kataroo said...

I love how the LO's you have done TRULY showcase the photos! The emotions the feeling of the pics...awesome.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM is what I have to say about Supper works!! brilliant!!!