Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Opinions please

For someone who wasn't sure she was going to write one post tonight, how exactly did i manage to end up with two???

And the irony (my life is so ironic lately i tell you) is that one of the reasons for my lack of wanting to post earlier was because of lack of photos. Turns out the entire point of this one is photos...who knew?

So we got an e-mail at work saying there is a fall photo contest. I decided to enter just for the heck of it. The big prize is a Canada mug (I know, fasten your seatbelt)...

Here's where you come in. I can submit two photos but can't seem to narrow it down.

Please leave me a comment with your two faves and I'll send those in.




ok, this is g'night for real lovelies!


Stay funny said...

i'm saying #2!!!!
good luck!

Kataroo said...

#3 :)

Anonymous said...

2 then 3


good luck!!

Rachel said...

DEF #2... then #3! Good luck girl!