Friday, October 10, 2008

The ultimate October accessory...garland!

Is this a B O A or is this a B O A (no i'm not crazy I just don't write the word "boa" like the rest of you - blame it on Cawi).
The fact that shoppers were staring at me in Michaels like I was crazy was rather fitting for today...I DO feel crazy. Positively certifiable.
It's been on of those weeks. My days have been excrutiatingly long and although I don't have a physical job it is rather taxing on the brain.
In addition to my full work day I've worked overtime EVERY SINGLE night this week and it has made me loopy.
Ok, enough whining!
D and I decided to go out for dinner together to celebrate Friday and to actually have more than a "yes/no" conversation with eachother. It was great! I think we were able to speak more at dinner than we did all week.
I suggested we make a quick pitstop at Michaels on our way home because I knew that there were big sales on their fall/halloween stuff.
I wanted more garland for the house. Our current garland is looking...shall we say...a wee bit anorexic.
Last week when I was shopping at Michaels I purchased a few strands of garland but I dragged it behind me and I kept dropping it and tripping on it and I must say it was rather frustrating. Tonight I was feeling silly and loopy so I decided to throw it around my neck like a B O A.
Indeed! Ok so a few people (specifically children) thought I was off my rocker. At one point I wondered if the manager would drag me into his office to check if I was doing ok. But I was. I was fabu! I mean come on...does it get any better than fall colours around your neck?
Oh - speaking of which...
As I drove along the parkway on the way to work this morning I saw a brutal site. About three or four cars ahead of me must have clipped a squirrel because as I approached the poor thing was shaking like he was having a seizure in the middle of the road. After flip flopping a few times it tried to run but was shaking too much so I just sort of popped into the other lane. I'm not sure what happened but it was rather disturbing.
Speaking of disturbing...I think I've met my match in the "it could only happen to you(me)" category. Check out what happened to Rach on her way to Halifax...crazy girl with a great heart!
I think I'm going to hit the sack. We're up early in the morning to head to Merrickville and then Perth for some family visits and a fall tradition.
The weather has been amazing and the leaves get more and more spectacular by the minute.
I think tomorrow calls for a pumpkin spice latte (or is it spiced pumpkin) I can never remember...
'night lovelies


kairlotta said...

Hi! I'm Kari. I took the 'bling your blog' class with you! Very cute and fun blog! Take care!

Kataroo said...

anorexic that's something I haven't heard of before :) LOL

Rachel said...

OMG... now why (if you hadn't posted that pic) can i imagine you struttin your diva arse down the isles of M's with your explosion of fall??? LOL You're the CRAZY my friend!


Kataroo said...

ps....i was thinking about those pics of D on your blog the this weekend, the ones with him and his camera with the BIG LENS....and I thought mmmmmm that's HOT!!!

Stay funny said...

love the garland!
Very Diva!!!!

hugs xx