Monday, October 13, 2008

A Thanksgiving Tradition...

I am in the greatest mood this morning so look out!

It's Thanksgiving Monday and I have so much to be thankful for.

It has been a wonderful weekend and seriously the weather couldn't have been any better!

I'll do a post for Saturday and then I'm going to do a seperate post for Sunday. 'cuz I'm like that so THERE!

We dragged out tushies out of bed far too early on Saturday morning. Well, we didn't have much choice seeing as Celine started SCREAMING at us from our sound system at about 7:26 (we were supposed to leave by 8)! I'm not quite sure what that business was all about. I guess one of us must have hit a wonky button at some point and set a timer. But the music was SO LOUD.

The funny part is neither one of us has taken the time to figure it out so for the past three mornings CELINE HAS BEEN SCREAMING.

he he

We made ourselves beautiful as quickly as possible and then needed to make a pit stop at Starbucks for some pumpkin spice goodness. It was a wonderful EARLY fall day - the perfect time for some pumpkin. I have a SERIOUS pumpkin addiction this year but we'll get to that later!

We swung by and picked up mom and then made our way to Merrickville. It was a lovely drive through the leaves just chatting away and catching up.

I heart Merrickville. I REALLY do. I can't explain it really because so many of the stores have country-style products and that's not my thing. But there is something to be said for wandering around a small time at this time of year.

Denis took off with his gear and snapped a bunch of pictures while Mom Turpin and I shopped. And shopped. But we were both very good! I picked up a few early Christmas gifts (unheard of for me to get this organized) and a crazy halloween hat tea light holder.

Here are some pictures to tickle your fancy...

Taken in the first store we visited...just some wreaths on the wall...

Outside one of the restaurants...
Took this one for Rylee girl...she LOVES horses...

More scenes of small town Thanksgiving...

This is the witche's hat I bought - can't wait to light it up!

Denis being silly at the restaurant...mmmm...such great food, just like homemade.

One of the last stores we stopped at was a kitchen store and we bought THE MOST AMAZING garlic oil. I seriously could have bought an entire case. It is SO DELISH!

Then we headed to Perth to visit Grandmaman Turpin, Uncle Gil, and Marcel and Jane. It was a lovely afternoon catching up. Unfortunately Grandmaman hasn't been feeling too hot lately and she has had to go into a home. Friday was her first night there. She is SUCH A SWEETHEART. I adore her. She reminds me so much of my own nanny it's crazy. It was hard seeing her not feeling too great. We'll try and get back to visit soon. I took this pic of D with his Grandmaman right before we left...

I dozed for a few minutes on our drive back to the city. My entire week caught up with me and I just CRASHED.

We had a delicious supper at Mom's place (including some of the new garlic oil) and left shortly after supper. I was literally so exhausted I could barely speak. I was in bed just after 8 and asleep before 9:30. CRAZY.

Sunday we had an easy going day. I spent time doing more overtime (and I'm happy to report I managed to finish last night) and for a break we went to visit the CHEO dream home. It's a very nice house indeed but D and I were very critical as we walked through it and I dunno - it's over $1.3M and yet the rooms are more or less the same size as our rooms. There is SO MUCH SPACE *wasted* on staircases and landings. Empty, useless space. We did get a lot of great ideas for when we plan to finish our basement.

On our way home we decided to havef a Thanksgiving dinner for two at Red Lobster...YUM-O.

It was a zoo in there but we enjoyed our time.

Oh and while I worked earlier in the day, D started putting up halloween decor outside. I REALLY NEED to take some pictures!

I spoke to the family in Winnipeg and got Rylee and Hayden nice and hyper. Every Thanksgiving since they've been very young we play the "word of the day" game. Our word is turkey so whenever anyone says turkey you have to scream. Well they've never quite caught the concept of the game so they just say turkey over and over and over until I lose my voice.

This year was particularly fun because my mom got in on the action. I nearly peed myself. Her scream sounded like a halloween witche's cry to scare little children. Next Hayden insisted D come to the phone to play along too. When D started I thought Hayden would pee himself. He thought D was SO FUNNY and he was laughing with his entire body and soul. Is that a sweet sound or what?

Finally it was on to more work for me and some wiring for Denis...

ouf! What a great weekend...

Now for Thanksgiving Monday...


Rachel said...

WOW.. you had a VERY productive weekend my sweet! I love reading that and I love your pics.. you always manage to find the perfect angles and the richness in the colours!

Miss ya and chat soon!

Stay funny said...

love the pic of D w/ his gramma... precious picture and moment.

Happy you had a great w-end and was able to finish your OT and enjoy your day today!

I took a very similar pictur eof pumkings yesterdy at the pumkin patch!

hope to see you soon, miss ya ;)

Kataroo said...

so enjoyed al the pics....made me feel like I was there.

barb said...

Wow, what gorgeous photos! And those cookies in that other post... mmmmmm! I love your blog, Laurie. :)

(Btw, I'm here to check how you're doing with the CZ class... off to keep reading!)