Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mo Mo Mojo

Good evening lovelies! Or should I say goodnight?

Now that there is less daylight the days DEFINITELY feel shorter. Well maybe its that and the fact that I've been working LOTS of overtime this week!

Tonight you're in for a "quickie"...

I have some homework to do.

We're going to get interactive here. But I can only get interactive with your help!

I'm going to start with a challenge...I challenge you to POST A COMMENT. Come on, you can do it. Whether this is your first time reading my blog or you read it on a daily basis POST A COMMENT WILL YOU!

It's simple, click on post a comment and write one. You don't need to have a fancy blog account or anything - you can be anonymous (although I'd prefer if you'd at least write your name in the message so I know who you are and don't lose sleep trying to figure it out)...

So that's my challenge.

And now for my question. I want to know where you get your mojo?

Do you have a favourite site, magazine, store, friend, colour, toy?

What is it? What gets you going?


but you can only tell me if...


ok, my brain is mush. Off to bed for me.

'night lovelies (for real this time)!


Stay funny said...

ohhhhhhhhhh I am the first to leave a comment!
Was great sewing you tonight!
for me... I get it with the product.... playing with it... but when I get stuck, it's major!!!! I can't leave it.... it's always in the back of my head.

Finished my Fa la la album!
Yeahhhhhhh I have to do my BG class 5 tomorrow / Friday and then ouffff little break for the w-end until Sunday! Good luck finding the MOJO... if you lost it....

Kairlotta said...

Hi. I'm Kari. I'm taking the class with you.

I get my mojo from a million different places. My most favorite has got to be...;;

Anonymous said...

in blog class with you... Great challenge! hehe

My mojo... not much of it lately... but usually it comes from a beautiful LO i see either in a gallery or on a blog... something that speaks to me thru and thru and its all over... off i go to create! just havent had a whole lot of time to browse lately... hoping for more soon!

Rachel said...

My mom stole my mojo during the summer.. I suggest you call her and see if she may have stole yours too! LOL

Love your blog girl.. and Love you!


Carolyn said...

hey, classmate - I'm thinking it's funny how many of us just want comments. Please, just a comment? So I know you were here? That's what I did.

And I get inspired by actually sitting down with my hands on some paper, playing with color, looking at my photos.

Kataroo said...

did it hurt when Steph SEWed you :) LOL hehehe

renee said...

Great Challenge! Loved the class, didn't you. To answer your question: Ahhhh MoJo, that illusive creative muse that seems to bypass me more often than it visits. When he stays gone too long, I usually switch medium and he comes running back home. If I am blocked on paper scrapping, I will digi scrap, or better yet do something altogether different like knit. I think he gets jealous and runs back or something. Anyway, that is what works for me. Great post!

Linnao said...

Hi! I'm also in the bling your blog class! Like your blog a lot. As for your question, I am a serial bloghopper, that's where I get my mojo from :)

Anonymous said...

HI THERE SWEETS!! I've been reading your blog since we met at NavCan and i must say I love reading it!
I get my mojo at BAD GIRLS!!! Just check out that gallery over there!!! it is unbelievable!!! Come and play with us at BG!!!\Are you taking any of Steph's classes at The Scrapbox?


barb said...

mojo... I get my scrap-related inspiration from various websites and magazines. The Pub at 2peas... the blogs of many past and present Pubsters there. Simple Scrapbooks magazine. The Simple Blog and Simple Studio. Nic Howard's blog. And many non-scrapbook related sources of inspiration, like REAL SIMPLE magazine, various colour/design websites, home decor magazines, etc.